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Member since: Sat Mar 2, 2019, 04:01 AM
Number of posts: 17

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My perspective - I really don't matter. At my age, it is too late for anything (short of disaster-movie quality events) to have much direct impact on my life. It will run its course and run out in relatively short time. It is for my daughters and grandsons that I fight. It is for everyone's children that I fight.

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Why the fear to go left? Why the fear to press for real, significant PROGRESS?

Those cautioning against becoming a "tea party of the left" seem to forget how successful their radicals were in moving their party rightward AND getting legislation and edicts and appointments passed/imposed.

Anyone remember the thousands of offices nationwide that were lost to a motivated voting bloc?

Anyone not aware of the profound changes to our structures and institutions total and ruthless rule by the GOP has wrought?

So, why would Dems, if we take full control of government in 2020, dial back our ambitions?
Fear of a backlash from an angry America?

I guarantee that after even only two years, but certainly after four or eight, there would not be a rejection of the "extreme liberals" by the public that we are seeing (finally) with the teabaggers - because that public would benefit so much from our policies.

Decisive rhetoric and proposals will bring the millions who do not vote to the polls.
Decisive policies and positive outcomes will keep them involved and enthused.

The chance to do real damage to the right and (hopefully) permanently cripple it as a political force is too valuable to waste.
Go bold or go home.
This is not a time for incrementalism or compromise.
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