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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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The move by the AZ SOS is the absolute right thing: do not certify the equipment.

All the fraudit hoopla is likely just cover for the tampering of the election equipment, and this will be the tactic as these fraudits move across the country to the other swing states of AZ, PA, MI, and WI.....bring the circus to town and while the dog and pony show is going on, someone sneaks in the back door with the tampered equipment to set up the rigging of 2022, 2024, and beyond....

As suspected re Trump's move to FL:

Just reported on Rachel - Officials in FL are having meetings about FL not complying with extradition when Trump is indicted in NY.

I just left a message on Liz Cheney's DC office phone.

I tried to email on her official website, but it won't take any emails from non-constituents. So, I called and left a message telling them that I appreciate her principled stand for democracy against the idiotic radicalism that has now taken over the GOP. I said I'm a life-long Democrat, but have voted for a few Rs along the way (in local elections years ago; never any since they've become so radical). But I just wanted to let her know I support and appreciate her courage in speaking out.

No one here talking about the Chauvin juror who possibly has a conflict of interest....

that could throw the case into a new trial?

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