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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
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What I think Joe should do at the next debate:

When Trump interrupts, immediately stop talking and just look at Trump. Don't resume until Trump stops talking. If that's never, so be it. People will see and people will know what they're seeing.

IOW, disengage.

Joe is still taking questions from the audience.

The town hall has ended, and he still wants to talk with "the people."

He's such a decent man!!!

Joe is doing great!

Very believable, personable, in command of the facts, and very presidential.

Biden 2020!!

Has/will anyone ask Judge Barrett

if Trump asked her for a loyalty pledge?

Just home from voting....

Chalk up another Biden/Harris and all Dem ballot in Iowa !!

It just seems that this administration attracts bugs.

Biden should NOT get within 100 yards of Trump!!

The debate should be virtual and NOT held in person. Period. Full stop!!

Joe cannot trust that Trump will be tested immediately beforehand or tell the truth about whatever results he gets, and even if he tests negative in a rapid results test, the Abbott rapid test has too high a rate of false negatives.

NO, NO, NO, NO!!!!

(I hope Jill puts her foot down!!)

What about Melania? Doesn't she deserve "precautionary measures"....

and to be moved to Walter Reed?

Shouldn't he have Pence take over

while heís recovering?

Isnít there a protocol about that?

Didn't catch the name, but Lawrence O. said a doctor said if both Trump and Pence have to quarantine

for exposure, then Pelosi should quarantine to preserve the chain of succession.
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