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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 3,242

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I think the whole thing with Manchin and Sinema

is that they, as *Senators* cannot and will not be seen to be negotiating their votes with the House (much less the progressives in the House), which of course, is the "lower" house of Congress. I think Manchin and Sinema have, at last, told President Biden in confidence where their votes are and that he has agreed to not reveal what they have told him because he, having been a Senator, understands the position they are in. But he can and did say this morning, "Today I'm pleased to announce after months of tough and thoughtful negotiations I think we have a historic — I know we have a historic economic framework."

He has a deal for the Senators' votes, but just can't tell the House. That's part of the deal....

This is the reason he is asking the progressives to stay with it, why Nancy has agreed to go forward with the vote, and why she has told the House Dems "take the President at his word he will get the larger bill through." (I believe he has given Nancy enough of an indication for her to "know"....)

Paul Gosar's health....

I heard a passing comment on Rachel's show a few weeks ago that there is some talk that Paul Gosar is having health problems. From the video that was just played on her show of him speaking during a Congressional hearing, it looks to me that he possibly has Parkinson's. The way he moves is very much like Michael J. Fox in his earlier days of having Parkinson's.

I'm not a medical expert of any kind; it's just a layman's observation.

Trump's new Super PAC is named Make America Great Again, Again.

Apparently, as usual, he failed the first time....

Does anyone remember the days when TV shows would go to commercials,

the break lasted for one minute.....Seriously, only one minute....

One of the commentators for the Bucks/Pats game

has a voice that sounds just like my late brother.

It's really uncanny, and I get flashbacks every time he starts talking.

It's the guy with the kind of gravelly quality to his voice....

A very powerful message from a friend of mine about vaccine mandates:

"As a 6 year-old who had polio, who was close to total paralysis, who spent nearly 4 months in a hospital bed plus another 6 months of painful at-home physical therapy, who had to learn to walk again & still has to "think" walking & who saw other young kids in my ward either go home to a lifetime of braces & crutches OR who never made it home...I wish the polio vaccine had come out long before. But I'm forever grateful for the millions of kids & adults since then who HAVEN'T caught polio thanks to the vaccine. To those who think freedom is NOT getting the COVID vaccine, stop to consider that the only reason you haven't been paralyzed or killed by polio is because you "had" to get the polio vaccine. As a result, you have the "freedom" to sit up, to walk & to live. That's real freedom you can live by."

Rachel reported tonight that Pope Francis is establishing a vaccine mandate at the Vatican,

which will inevitably make vaccine religious exemptions for Catholics pretty hard to defend.

Why can't Tom Steyer (a billionaire who ran on climate as his #1 issue)

make it worth Sinema’s while to vote for a bill (Build Back Better) that’s BIG on climate change, an issue she also claims is so important to her….Then she wouldn’t have to have her fundraisers with donors opposed to the Build Back Better bill and do their bidding.

Retain the medical personnel who don't want to get vaccinated.

Assign them to treat the COVID patients who didn't want to be vaccinated (but not the ones with medical exemptions).

Seems of late that TFG is plastered all over the headlines again.

Sure was nice that we had a few months when he wasn't sucking all the oxygen out of the room.

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