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Member since: Thu Feb 28, 2019, 06:36 PM
Number of posts: 2,240

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Is the time that appears on posts

from the respective time zone of the poster, or from the time zone where DU is located (wherever that is...), or something else?

I like to know how current the information is.....

When Biden gets the call tonight, or tomorrow,

we should honk our car horns across America in honor of his car rallies!

Banking more votes for Biden in Iowa.

I just talked with family in west central Iowa; some farmers, some not....None will vote for Trump tomorrow.

Bottom line is that they just can't stand him anymore!! And let me be clear, even though some are farmers, they did not vote for him to begin with....

This may be a case where the Electoral College actually saves us.

I'm no legal nor constitutional expert, BUT

the election process is laid out in the constitution that the winner of the EC is the winner of the election. EC votes aren't awarded until a given state finishes counting, and the SOS certifies their vote. If the orange gasbag declares himself the "winner" before he's won the required number of EC votes, he's essentially declaring that he's QUITTING THE PROCESS. There's no such thing as him being "ahead." We don't go by the popular vote, remember? Presidential candidates either win (with 270) or they lose. There's nothing to declare before that happens.

...my two cents (which may be all it's worth).

Oh, I just remembered, Rachel said she'll be on tonight

with a panel.

.....and so it begins....

Just watched the Des Moines news lead off with the stinking poll....

"Trump's biggest lead since March....blah, blah, blah....small number remaining of undecided voters....blah, blah, blah."

Damn polls become self-fulfilling prophecies because it depresses turnout, IMO.

OK, Joe....

"Please, (name), this is our final shot to really prove the grassroots movement behind this campaign. The remaining $26,957 we need to raise from Iowa could determine whether we have the resources to mobilize the voters we need to turn out to the polls in just 3 days, and win, or whether we fall just shy."

Maybe this will counter that freaking poll!!

My final (?) contribution....

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