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Chin music

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Member since: Sat Feb 23, 2019, 02:23 PM
Number of posts: 3,926

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I'm...a Democrat. I like reading DU.

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The Crests 16 Candles (American Grafitti)

Runaway (American Graffiti)

Tommy Edwards Please, Love Me Forever

R.E.M What's the Frequency Kenneth?

Bruce Springsteen Streets of Philadelphia

For Joe Biden today.

Taj Farrant (9 year old) Tennessee Whiskey Guitar Solo.

Doris Day Sentimental Journey

Drums Boogie

What if we offer the gop a Day of Amnesty, in exchange for some terms of our own?

They renounce their party to become Democrats, and we forgive their debts to society, with some terms. We impeach and remove trump AND Pence. Then, we allow HRC her rightful place until the election of 2020. We do that because we are a just and fair nation, that likes it when the most righteous outcome, prevails. I bet we wouldn't have to fear her wanting to step down in 2 years. From What I've seen of Mrs. Clinton, i bet she'd be honored to have been redeemed. I imagine she's tired too. She's victim number one. Lest we forget.
Just a general thought. Would we do it? After this is over we roll common sense people friendly legislation like healthcare for all. and a myriad of other things.
We forgive a handful, or, the first to come forward, and the rest we take on a case by case basis.
The Great American Amnesty. July 4th, 2019?
--What would we do if we weren't afraid?

Larry Tribes opinion, (Harvard Law), is good enough for me. Stephanie Miller Show.

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