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Chin music

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Member since: Sat Feb 23, 2019, 01:23 PM
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I know who can beat the 'trump family crime syndicate'....

President Hillary Clinton.
I think a lot of people dismiss her outright, and I'm not so sure that's a good idea. She's a tried and true winner against him. Imagine the ass-kicking she'd deliver trump. I think she won before, and, I think she's heard enough feedback in the last two years to know what to do to tune up her game to be even better. I miss her, and I think she could be the redemption we all seek. Plus, she's not afraid to really really smoke trump, and be able to point out exactly the things she warned us about before.
How can Democrats just move ahead and leave Mrs. C behind? She's been the model of grace. I think her running again is the LEAST this country could do. She deserved her win last time. Her experience in the State Dept and Healthcare, and all things, is exactly what we need. Who cares if the gop doesn't like her? WHO CARES? If they love Liberal tears so much....let's turn on the gop water-works as well, and all of us come back to our senses.
All these new people are great! But, I think they should in all fairness, run as her VP, and get America back to being the land of justice, and equality, and fairness, we always knew her to be.
She's still better than anyone imho.

P.S. President Clinton if you read this, you're dear to my heart.

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