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46% Undecided on DU is too much.

Everyone here not decided should never let it out of their minds, that TRUMP SUPPORTERS KNOW EXACTLY WHO THEY WILL BE VOTING FOR on November 3rd 2020, and a great majority of even republican moderates will reluctantly vote for him anyway just like they did last time. WHY....?.... Does anyone really think there is even a slim chance that anyone running against him in the republican primary will even be get close to him ? Short of an Impeachment miracle that's the reality we're facing now.

I will vote for whoever the DNC elects without reservations, as i did before. No more division !

Hello DU ....yeah I'm new here.

(I posted this on another comment i made,but it represents my thoughts best)

My only concern for the upcoming election is still how fractured the left seems to be. There are way too many democrats running for president, and not enough running for the senate. I'm afraid that with this many candidates it only makes people who are undecided even less sure of themselves, and the overall effect will be that, when the field is narrowed, more voters on the left will become disenfranchised because their favorite candidate didn't make the ballot.

It's nice to have so many choices, but that only dilutes the pool right now on the democrat side, and serves to make Trump's 2020 campaign easier. In 2016 Trump voters were decided early on, and a large number of republicans who would have preferred not to vote for him threw their vote at him reluctantly anyway. By and large republican voters had decided very quickly who they'd be casting their vote for in in 2016.

One year and, eight months from now we must be united behind someone, even if that someone isn't our favorite. It would be great to have national ranked choice voting...wouldn't it... so let's role play it in our heads for a minute... It's 2020 primary election day... How would you rank them ? Who do you think is most likely to make the general election.... can you allow yourself to be objective and find the pro's and con's of that person ?

The obvious does not need to be stated that anyone on the left is better than the better than Donald Trump... because what are the odds (unless he's removed form office) that he won't be the unanimous champion of the far right, and a reluctant choice of a large mass of republican voters yet again. I'd say slim to none.

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