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Member since: Mon Feb 4, 2019, 09:06 PM
Number of posts: 286

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The statistics

in the upper right hand corner on MSNBC is very reminiscent of the statistics we got on TV during the Viet Nam War.
It's very disturbing, but very necessary.

Easter is very important.

Are we becoming a theocracy?

He's off script now

best, most, talking as if he's speaking to three year olds.

I think Dr. Brix

has been wearing Ivanka 'fashions.
The way she is dressed is not typical for women in her profession.

This is how bad it's gotten for me

I went to pick up a prescription from Walgreen's this morning, and since I was there I got a couple of sundries I needed.
The woman who works in the cosmetics department saw me grabbing some cotton cosmetic pads and came over to me to suggest something else. She stood right in front of me and as I backed away she moved with me. I ended the conversation but have been rattled ever since. Doesn't Walgreen's train their employees about social distancing? Holy shit!

How many times do they disinfect the counter where people pay? There has been a high volume of customers who at least understand the issue and stood at least three feet away from each other as we stood in line.

I'm having a procedure on Tuesday and this afternoon my doctor called me to tell me that it was still on and the I should isolate until then. Now I feel that I destined to get Covid-19 and may carry it to the surgery center. I'm one of those at risk. I'm "elderly" (hate that word!) and already have ground glass nodules in my lungs most likely from a bad case of walking pneumonia 30 years ago.

Someone talk me down!

It's a stump speech?

Listening now.

Here goes.

I can't watch - it will hurt so much.
But I'll force myself to witness this day in history.

Mitch lies!

He's not dealing with the issue, but attacking Democrats. Nothing about Trump's "innocence".

Is anyone

keeping track of the lies?

Would one Democratic

in these comments remind folks that Mussolini had the trains run on time!
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