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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 01:19 PM
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Roe has been overturned.

Held: The Constitution does not confer a right to abortion; Roe and Casey are overruled; and the authority to regulate abortion is returned to the people and their elected representatives.


This is a dark day for our country.

The SCOTUS ruling on concealed carry is not unexpected

It doesn’t mean states must issue concealed carry licenses to anyone for any reason.

SCOTUS ruled that states are free to condition licenses based on objective requirements, whereas some states were previously using subjective requirements. The ruling holds that if an applicant meets all the objective requirements that have been set by the state, the state cannot deny them their license.

Nothing is stopping New York, California, and the half a dozen other states that are impacted by this ruling from making a long list of objective requirements in order to obtain a permit to carry.

I'm not sure that would survive a constitutional challenge in the courts

I’d be fine with raising the age to purchase any semi-automatic weapon to 25, personally, though that also would be unlikely to survive a court challenge.


Madville explained that the 2nd amendment, like all other amendments, covers technological advances that were not in existence at the time the amendments were written. For example, the government cannot infringe upon your freedom of speech on the internet even though the internet was not in existence when the 1st amendment was enacted. Nor can the police search your cell phone without a warrant even though cell phones were not in existence when the 4th amendment was enacted.

Similarly, the 2nd amendment does not apply to flintlock muskets and other 'arms' that were in existence when the 2nd amendment was enacted.

In reply to Madville, you wrote:

So you're really saying the 2A should be upgraded to fit present-day American and 21st century weapons technology, and where there is no possible reason for an ordinary, non-leo or military person to be able to buy a military-style assault weapon that can easily be converted to full automatic fire like the Vegas killer did who took 58 lives and injured 500?

In your original reply that you wrote that Madville wanted to "upgrade" (your word) the 2nd amendment so that it covers 21st century technology such as the AR-15. But the 2nd amendment already protects the right to own semi-automatic weapons. It doesn't need to be "upgraded" (again, your word) to protect those weapons.

Then when it was further explained to you how amendments work, you changed how you were using the word "upgraded" and have now written the following:

Who's advocating that? Upgrading it means to bring it into the 21st century and its weapons technology. It's good to know you're not a strict constructionist and believe the Constitution should be a living document, not carved in stone and unchanging from how it was written in the 18th century.

Now, common sense upgrading of the 2A should certainly include clauses for red flagging/waiting period/age restrictions and banning of dangerous military weapons save for law enforcement and the military, don't you think?

This juxtaposition of how you originally used the word "upgraded" to dig at Madville, to how you're using it now, is stark.

I fully support common sense gun control measures such as universal background checks, mandatory safe storage laws, and enacting national minimum standards for concealed carry licenses and I've even created a thread right here to discuss how we can enact those measures within this current political climate). But don't attack posters for educating others about how amendments work.

Be careful what you read.

AR-15s are good for both home defense and hunting.

What they’re good for isn’t the question folks should be asking. The question is whether or not we, as a modern and enlightened society, want semi-automatic rifles to be as common as apple pie.

If we decide the answer to that question is no, we will need enact some massive cultural shifts that allow us to ban sales of new semi-automatic rifles and the possession of those already in circulation.

See EarlG’s thread about attacking the 2A like we did with smokers.


We can only hope.

The cynic in me says that the narrative here is going to shift to police misconduct and reform, and away from common sense gun control, and we will probably get neither.

Body camera footage of Nashville police shooting released

Warning: the footage is not graphic but does show the shooting.

1 officer decommissioned, 5 others on administrative duty amid probe into fatal shooting on Nashville highway

Five members of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department were placed on administrative assignment and a sixth has been decommissioned after the fatal Tuesday shooting of a man on the side of a highway, Police Chief John Drake announced Friday. Drake said nine law enforcement officials, including a sergeant, fired at 37-year-old Landon Eastep.

Officer Brian Murphy, a 25-year veteran of the department, lost his police authority pending a review of the shooting. According to Drake, he fired the last two shots at Eastep.

The five others placed on routine administrative assignment were identified by Drake as Officer Justin Pinkelton, a 25-year veteran; Officer Sean Williams, a 17-year veteran; Officer Edin Plancic, a 6-year veteran; Officer James Kidd, who joined the department last February; and Sergeant Steven Carrick, an 8-year veteran.

What the heck?

Find me one post where I disparaged the poor and claimed that the "majority of poor people" are criminals. That's absolutely ridiculous and I've never said anything of the sort. Let me be pellucidly (thanks Malaise!) clear: the majority of poor people are not criminals and their poverty is not the result of their "criminal inclinations tending to move them down the socioeconomic ladder" as you wrote.

You need to be more careful with the accusations you level. You've completely misunderstood my post and then made nefarious accusations against me based on that misunderstanding.

Your suggestion that that poor people simply have "poor impulse control" and are criminals because they're "not good with money or other life decisions" is incredibly offensive.

In one breath you're trying to suggest that I'm painting the poor as a criminal class (I'm not, and that couldn't be further from the truth). In the very next breath you're doing exactly that--painting the poor as a criminal class--by saying that poor people are poor because they're "criminally inclined" and moving down the socioeconomic ladder. You're saying they're poor because they have "poor impulse control" and are "not good with money or other life decisions."

Your statement that poor people would move up the socioeconomic ladder if only they "worked harder" sounds suspiciously like the things that right wing extremists say. That type of talk has no place on a progressive, Democratic forum.

I cannot believe I'm reading that here.

Watershed moment in NYC: New law allows noncitizens to vote

Link to Article

NEW YORK (AP) — More than 800,000 noncitizens and “Dreamers” in New York City will have access to the ballot box — and could vote in municipal elections as early as next year — after Mayor Eric Adams allowed legislation to automatically become law Sunday.

Opponents have vowed to challenge the new law, which the City Council approved a month ago. Unless a judge halts its implementation, New York City is the first major U.S. city to grant widespread municipal voting rights to noncitizens.

More than a dozen communities across the U.S. already allow noncitizens to cast ballots in local elections, including 11 towns in Maryland and two in Vermont.

Noncitizens still wouldn’t be able to vote for president or members of Congress in federal races, or in the state elections that pick the governor, judges and legislators.

Finally these folks living in the city and paying taxes in the city will have representation. This has been a long time coming.

Sentencing hearing in Ahmaud Arbery killing [SENTENCED TO LIFE WITHOUT PAROLE]




Justice for Ahmaud Arbery!!
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