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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 01:19 PM
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I don't think there is anything inherently wrong with the burning of stores and vehicles.

The simple fact is peaceful protests are not able to effect change in an efficient manner. As peaceful protests have proven to be largely ineffective is it any wonder that protesters graduate to less peaceful and more impactful measures? If it takes them burning down our society one piece at a time until real change is enacted, who are we to disagree with that?

How many black lives must be lost while we give ''peaceful protest'' a chance to work? Not one more, I say.

Question for the Bloombergers...


Hillary was a more formidable candidate than Joe Biden.

Hillary was (and is) smarter, far more politically savvy, less prone to making gaffes, more in touch, was full of good policy ideas and had a wider appeal than Joe Biden.

Hillary couldnít beat Trump. What makes any of you think that Joe Biden will do better than Hillary Clinton?

Who needs to drop out to keep the contest fair?

At this point we have a lot of people splitting vote of our main voting blocks. Who should drop out next?

How do people think a Bernie/Biden ticket would do?

Would Biden take VP for a second time? Would they compliment each other?


Iím not sure why so many people think this is a joke. Bernie would anchor the left and Biden would anchor the center.

Neither is my first choice but my first choice dropped out and my second choice needs a miracle.
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