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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 01:19 PM
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Outstanding ballots in PA?

Reporter just said about 100k left in Philly, 160k in the rest of the state. That would be far less than we need to overcome and doesnít coincide with what Iíve been seeing.

Does anyone have official resource to see real numbers?

Remember when Biden's campaign manager - Jen O'Malley Dillon - said the polls were wrong?

I remember. She said their internals were MUCH tighter than the public polls were showing, but that they were still narrowly ahead in battleground states.

There were so many folks here who blew her off and dismissed her warning as just trying stop people from getting complacent.

Well look at us now - record turnout and lo and behold she was exactly right.

I hope anyone who was badmouthing her for the warnings is eating crow (or at least giving her a heartfelt apology!)

It looks like JOE IS GOING TO WIN!! But my God, just barely.

I'm hoping the Trump loss demoralizes MAGAs into never voting again.

Who guards the ballots of the counters go home?

Uniformed police? Will party reps stand by?

What's going on in NC? Unexplained outstanding absentee votes.

Iíve seen this posted here several times but no one else talking about it:


Are there really well over a million votes in NC that are yet to be counted?

How is GA looking?

I keep hearing there are significant numbers of votes that wonít be counted until tomorrow. Is it enough to close the gap?

* edit at 1210 EDT - NYT just moved the GA needle to Biden. Theyíre giving Biden 62% chance right now.


Biden did pretty well in NH - better than HRC.

Itís possible that his NH and OH performance are a glimmer of hope for a small lead in WI, MI and PA. That would win it for us.

Knock it off with the "concern troll" crap.

The polls are off a few points (at least). Joe still has a very good shot and can still win this thing but it is gonna be close.

Folks have a right to be concerned and it isnít OK to call them trolls for being concerned.

Expand the court and make them howl.

29 justices is the number to start with.

Forcing Trump to conform to societal norms helps Trump, not Joe.

Trump will be just as deranged as he always has been. Forcing his mic off when Joe is talking will simply make him appear to be reasonable.

Why on earth do we want to help Trump appear reasonable?

Why would we want to do anything at all that limits, however slightly, his ability to self destruct?
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