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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 12:19 PM
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Expand the court and make them howl.

29 justices is the number to start with.

Forcing Trump to conform to societal norms helps Trump, not Joe.

Trump will be just as deranged as he always has been. Forcing his mic off when Joe is talking will simply make him appear to be reasonable.

Why on earth do we want to help Trump appear reasonable?

Why would we want to do anything at all that limits, however slightly, his ability to self destruct?

The Biden administration must aggressively prosecute them:

Every single member of the Trump administration who has ignored judicial rulings and broken the law for Trump must be held accountable. If we fail to hold them accountable we are all but guaranteeing that the next Republican administration will commit the same crimes with no fear of consequences.

Prosecute every single one of these fucks who broke the law. LAW AND ORDER!

Trump just said he's going to debate Biden on the 15th.

Hopefully he is back in the hospital but if he does insist on doing the debate I bet 90 minutes without supplemental oxygen kills him.


His personal physician said heís been diagnosed for 72 hours - Wednesday morning. It has been 48 hours since he received the experimental antibody treatment - Thursday morning.


Constitutional question...

If Trump is temporarily incapacitated and Pence assumes the presidency during that time, would he still be eligible to cast a tie breaking senate vote?

Trump's COVID hospitalization will depress Republican turnout on Election Day

Even if just by a little bit. Every little bit helps.

He rolled the dice and gambled that he could downplay Covid long enough to win re-election instead of confronting the crisis head on like a competent leader. He is paying for his incompetence now.

I truly hope Donald Trump survives

long enough to see himself lose the election. Seeing his own defeat while suffering from the very ailment that, by way of his incompetence, was directly responsible for that defeat. Poetic.

Under no circumstances should Trump's infection stop Joe's campaign.

Trump knowingly flaunted precautions. He is directly responsible for influencing huge portions of the country into NOT taking Covid seriously.

Trump made his bed. It isnít Bidenís job to sleep in it.
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