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Member since: Sat Feb 2, 2019, 12:19 PM
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Bernie Sanders continues to advocate for Warnock and Ossoff


”...to my friends in Georgia, that is what this election is about. It’s about electing two strong, progressive senators in Rev. Warnock and Jon Ossoff. People who are going to fight for you. But it is also about which party controls the United States Senate. And that is a very, very big deal.” - Bernie Sanders

It’s great to see Bernie Sanders joining in and campaigning for our two wonderful candidates in the GA runoffs. I know there is a very small subset who don’t like Bernie some of the time, but I think we can all agree that it is great to have him supporting Warnock and Ossoff in GA.

Everyone must vote and every vote must count!

Call it Defund the Police or call it something else ... it's still the right thing to do.

Here are some truths:

1. We have limited resources and limited budgets.
2. Police departments account for huge portions of municipal budgets.
3. Policing is largely ineffective at preventing crime and we cannot incarcerate our way to safer communities.

We must reallocate police funding to social programs that work on treating addiction, housing the homeless, and feeding the hungry.

On a national level we must enact single payer healthcare or Medicare for All, ensuring that everyone has access to mental healthcare whenever they may need it.

We also must enact progressive policies that limit the wealth disparity and eliminate chronic poverty.

These changes to our society will greatly reduce the need for police in the first place by treating the societal diseases that are responsible for crime in the first place.

The Sidney Powell 'kraken' is nothing more than crackpot, tinfoil hat nonsense.

Her affidavits are full of already debunked conspiracies, allegations that have already been dismissed by courts across the country, and absolutely no substance.

Here's one sentence from her Michigan affidavit:

denialofRepublicanchallengers’ righttoparticipateandobservetheprocessingofballotsviolatesMichigan’sElectionCode

She managed to misspell 'district' three different times in three different ways - Distrct, Districct, and Distrcoict.

Her footnotes sourcing her claims link to Tweets, YouTube videos, and a DuckDuckGo search result (See https://duckduckgo.com/?q=colorado+signature+rejection+rate&t=osx&ia=web last visited November 25,2020).

Both filings are hilariously bad.



The fantasy of President-elect Biden's DOJ prosecuting Trump is just that - fantasy.

Trump will not leave office without pardoning himself (and issuing a blanket pardon to his administration) or issuing the blanket pardon, resigning, and having Mike Pence pardon him. He simply isn’t going to leave office without limiting his Federal legal vulnerabilities.

He will sell his self-pardon and the blanket pardon for his administration as stopping the next “witch hunt” before it gets started.

This will be a blessing in disguise for Biden. He isn’t going to have to tangle with the messy issues surrounding prosecuting the former President.

Trump’s real legal liabilities will be in various state courts.

The one silver lining of our losses in the House...

Is that a progressive bloc like the Justice Democrats will be able to wield more influence and power than when we had such a large majority.

Florida voters approve $15 minimum wage, while also voting for Trump.

Progressive policies are resoundingly popular by every measure. We just need to brand them more effectively.

Hell, look at all the deep red states that passed recreational marijuana legalization this cycle!

The GOP is trying to walk a tightrope right now.

They're trying to balance between two conflicting paths:

1. Enabling Trump's election fraud fantasies, which they have to do to keep from losing Trump's devout MAGA base.

2. Convincing those same people that their votes matter and that they should turn out at the GA runoff in January.

As this farce proceeds for the next few weeks they're going to reach the end of that rope. TIME is going to catch them long before the runoff election. The results declaring Joe Biden the winner will be certified before the runoff. Once that happens they will immediately pivot into new talking points to try to drum up anger at Democrats while downplaying their month-long campaign to delegitimize the election.

The GOP isn't trying to steal the election.

They’re trying to appear like they’re supporting Trump because they don’t want to appear to be abandoning him and risk losing the entire MAGA base a month and a half before the election for control of the Senate.

They couldn’t be happier to take back their party from Trump and they’re going to make sure he falls. They’re just going to kick and scream and make a big show until he does.

Watch this beautiful clip.


The second best part of all this...

No one is talking about Trump anymore.
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