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Member since: Sat Jan 26, 2019, 09:57 AM
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What do you take to a protest?

I keep reading the lists of what the insurrectionists brought to their attempted coup, or, as they say, "first amendment protest."

I've been to many protests and marches, so here's my equipment list:

Water bottle, breakfast bar or nuts or snack of some kind, antihistamine and epipen because I always carry those, hat, cash for parking garage, ID, cell phone, a sign maybe but they are sometimes banned. If I'm talking to an elected official or hearing a speaker I'm especially interested in I bring something to take notes with.

Due to white privilege I've never carried a toothbrush or lawyer contact info, but I probably will in the future. Milk might be a good idea too.

The police I've seen at protests tend to be polite and bored, not violent, so maybe I'm lucky. Protestors are usually a mix of races so that's not just white privilege.

Things I'd never bring include sledge hammers, weapons, bear mace...

Also, if I ever saw a fellow protestor break a window, trespass, start a fire, attack someone... I'd leave and call 911.

Anyone have a different list?

We voted!

First time we've voted from oversea. It took a ridiculous amount of time to figure out how, but the ballots are on their way via overnight FedEx. Here's hoping they count.

Things getting real

I'm in the Netherlands. No gatherings over 100 people. People are supposed to work from home as much as possible. Stupid Trump may make it impossible for me to get to my daughter's wedding in the US.

I hope this doesn't count as drama or whining.

Hey ho

Hi DU. I've been lurking since Bush, maybe 2002? I just fled to the Netherlands two months ago. I've been a Democrat since Bush v Gore; before that I was Independent; in my youth I was Republican. To be fair, I grew up in Maryland and moved to Texas for college, and a Maryland Republican is far more liberal than a Texas Democrat. Otherwise, I have two brilliant adult daughters, one husband, two dogs and three cats. Hope this is an acceptable intro.
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