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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 06:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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trump State Dept priorities: de-nuke of North Korea, but selling nuke technology to Saudi Arabia. nt

trump should realize that by stripping McCabe of job, pension he all but guaranteed tell-all book

"stable genius" not very bright.

If I was Mueller and trump tried to hide my report, I would just leak it to the public regardless

Pentagon-Papers style.

the scope of trump's and Kushner's corruption is breathtaking and unprecedented in US history.

The trumps and Kushners are 100% lawless. They are without conscience of any kind. Pure greed, self-interest and a love of gratuitous cruelty. It will take years to uncover the full extent of their law-breaking.

IMO - best yard sign ever, shows our values, builds our solidarity


Edited several times while I figure out how to embed a tweet...

While GOP screams about Jussie, they seek to make it legal to fire people for being gay and to

deny medical treatment, even in the ER, to gay people.

when trump started praising Hannity today I seriously felt like trump just pulled his own pants down

it was so icky. it was so inappropriate. I truly felt like trump was flashing us.

here he is, OPENLY ADMITTING THIS SHIT! Openly admitting it!

No way will we ever be able to explain to future generations how all of this was allowed to happen.

Could you imagine Obama going on and on about his great advisor Rachel Maddow during a historic speech? Republicans would have seizures, foam at the mouth and then start speaking in tongues. He would be impeached in 2 seconds.

Oh we've got trouble! Right here in Border City!

Does trump think that leaving all that phlegm in his throat as he yells gives him gravitas?

Problem: Media re-states, CLEANS UP, repackages trump's comments to make them sound sane

when those comments were in no way delivered in any way that sounded sane.

Maybe they have to in order to get a coherent report out - but it normalizes and down-plays the crazy and the danger.
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