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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 06:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,855

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trust-fund baby Ivanka says people don't want to be given things that's why she steals shoe designs

Ivanka has been sued many times for design theft.


Don Jr. was against Kim Jong-Un before he was for him


Book rec: It's Time to Fight Dirty by David Faris

This is a book that not only poetically excoriates Republicans for their partisan power grabs - but provides a framework for what Democrats can do about it.

In particular I recommend the chapters about how to "fix" the Supreme Court now that Mitch McConnell and his fellow fringe zealots have broken it. Part of this material analyzes fixes to the Court proposed at FixtheCourt.com.

A pretty quick listen if you grab it on Audible. But I always like to have the hard copy too so I can take notes.

No one book or proposal is a panacea, of course. But one thing we call can do is gather information to formulate and support our plans for going forward.

Discuss: Klobuchar's accusers are anonymous. Blasey-Ford had to be named or drop claim.

the GOP exploits asymmetric warfare against Dems very well. how should we respond.

re Min Wage: If your business plan depends on paying slave wages, your business DESERVES to fail.

Any business - no matter how stupid - can be successful if it doesn't have to pay its employees to do work. That's called slavery.

We don't need those kinds of businesses.

We need businesses that can succeed while paying a fair wage. That makes the economy run.

can you help me come up with a single word that means "socialism for the rich"

We know that the GOP will attack - is attacking - Democrats as socialists.

When in fact GOP policies transfer wealth from the working class to the 1% like the Kochs.

I would love to come up with a zinger-type word we can use to pierce and deflate their attacks.

The best I have seen so far is Bernie's #BillionaireWelfare.

political consultant focusing on Dems' digital campaigns says we r getting crushed by Parscale/trump

sounding the alarm - trump never stopped campaigning, has no primary to worry about, and has massive digital lists and channels for money and propaganda. Dems need to be mindful.

BUT she is focusing full force on leveling the field. She said Bernie is the only one who is anywhere near close, and that is why he was able to raise so much money so quickly.

if you are twitter -- seems to be an important follow. @anotheracronym @taraemcg

(Disclosure: I have no affiliation. I am just fascinated by political messaging.)

Horrid: Rachel exposing Saudi Arabia's role in funding "war on Jews" in US on Agnew's request

um Jared? Maybe you should re-think your unholy alliance with Saudi ruling family.

wow. I believe Rachel is convincingly arguing that there is no legal bar to indicting a president nt

the judge should understand that if she gives Stone a pass, he will only escalate to worse stunts

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