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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 1,336

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I am delighted someone spit on Eric Trump

They need to learn you don't fuck over America with impunity. Even in this small way.

Well, I just got another twitter account suspended. I think this is 18 or 19.

Spent the last two days tweeting to every reporter "trump is a violent serial rapist".

I knew it would eventually catch up to me, but I want that burned in every reporter's brain.

trump is redacting democracy. nt

Remember how trump bitched about pre-dawn raid on (Criminal) Paul Manafort

now he has ordered pre-dawn raids on families with babies

Why did Harvard ever admit Kashuv in the first place

David Hogg had his grades and test scores made public -- and they were very high.

I have never seen Kashuv's. Were they equally impressive? Because we haven't seen them I'm guessing "no."

What has he done except be an opportunist and a prop for the gun lobby? All I can see he does all day is run his mouth like a sexist vicious bully on twitter all day. He certainly spent a lot of time attacking Dr. Blasey-Ford. Publicly.

I think Harvard admitted him because they were strong-armed by alumni into showing "balance" after they admitted David Hogg. I truly believe that is the only reason Kashuv was accepted at Harvard.

Funny from this morning: Joe Scarborough compares trump to late-stage Elvis

fat, sweaty, lumbering across the stage to the old classics everybody knows the words to...

Point made on MSNBC: the 2020 election will be won/lost in the DIGITAL SPACE

I don't agree that "nothing else matters" but I do think unless we understand and match what demon-from-hell Brad Parscale is doing we're going to be in a deep deep hole.

2016, Parscale made sure social media, especially Facebook, was FLOODED with ads that slandered Hillary, made people hate her, and discouraged people --- especially people of color --- from voting.

This is where the critical battle will be. Democrats up and down the ballot need to be up to the task. Including Tom Perez.

Chris Matthews loves the simple (wrong) answer "Dems forgot about the working people!"

Give me a GD break.

He never asks these people "So trump's desire to cause a race war wasn't a deal breaker for you, huh?"

My God, trump's skin looks hideous in this ABC interview

bright red, bumpy, slimy, huge pores especially on his nose

not a good look.

Edited to add:

The video in this tweet contains a close-up of what I'm talking about


This ABC interview - Ivanka certainly thinks she is the White House princess

her presence in our White House is a complete abomination

AND WHY ALWAYS THE GIANT B00BS ON DISPLAY in the tightest bizarre dress

sorry if I offend. I'm just angry and filled with disgust.
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