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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 1,604

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While GOP screams about Jussie, they seek to make it legal to fire people for being gay and to

deny medical treatment, even in the ER, to gay people.

when trump started praising Hannity today I seriously felt like trump just pulled his own pants down

it was so icky. it was so inappropriate. I truly felt like trump was flashing us.

here he is, OPENLY ADMITTING THIS SHIT! Openly admitting it!

No way will we ever be able to explain to future generations how all of this was allowed to happen.

Could you imagine Obama going on and on about his great advisor Rachel Maddow during a historic speech? Republicans would have seizures, foam at the mouth and then start speaking in tongues. He would be impeached in 2 seconds.

Oh we've got trouble! Right here in Border City!

Does trump think that leaving all that phlegm in his throat as he yells gives him gravitas?

Problem: Media re-states, CLEANS UP, repackages trump's comments to make them sound sane

when those comments were in no way delivered in any way that sounded sane.

Maybe they have to in order to get a coherent report out - but it normalizes and down-plays the crazy and the danger.

Remember when Pelosi described the #GOPTaxScam as "crumbs" for everyday Americans?

The GOP mocked her for it.

Guess what. Many Americans are finally getting it -- they DID INDEED get crumbs, and the Kochs got everything.

Congrats, trump comms team-your dumb NatEmerg declaration ended the pounding the Green New Deal

was taking!

Just as you had your whole rightist propaganda media army hammering on the Green New Deal and mocking the hell out it, you once again stepped on your own (dumb) message and replaced it with what is certain to be another huge trump fail.

Good work!

Chris Matthews, conjecturing: Manafort passed polling data where trump was close, asking for

Putin's help from the troll farms/hackers.

Please refer to GOP MINORITY Leader Kevin McCarthy as #StarburstSteve

As you will recall, trump enlisted McCarthy to sort out the "bad" colors of the Starbursts that trump doesn't prefer to eat (and McCarthy joked about what a privilege it was to do this).

Also, instead of referring to Kevin by his name, trump is in the habit of apparently calling him "Steve."

So, #StarburstSteve. As a reminder to him of what a pathetic tool he is.

"Put Some Stink On Her"

this is the sick game plan crafted by Orrin Hatch, Chuck Grassley and the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Dr. Christine Blasey-Ford.

She is clearly an exemplary person in every regard. But this won't do for radical conservatives trying to ram through their freak show unqualified black-out-drunk Supreme Court appointee.

So the witness must be attacked. The witness must be tainted. Their words - "Put some stink on her."

It doesn't have to be true. Doesn't have to entirely stick. Doesn't have to make sense. Just taint her. Rattle her. Humiliate her. Tear her down. Smear her. Drown out all communications except for the stink.


Klobuchar. Put some stink on her.
Omar. Put some stink on her.
Harris. Put some stink on her.
Warren. Put some stink on her.
AOC. Put some stink on her.

This is their entire game plan and the hapless media is largely once again allowing themselves to be spoon-fed this garbage. Despite the clearly ridiculously stupid nature of it all.

We cannot allow it to work any longer.
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