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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 07:18 PM
Number of posts: 2,170

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Nadler coming up on Lawrence! I hope I hear the I-word a lot

don't say "Gun Control" - say "MASS SHOOTING PREVENTION" nt

Seeing Victor Blackwell clip just makes my hatred of Chuck Todd even more intense

Chuck Todd. Suck up teachers' pet to corporate MSNBC - dumb as a fucking rock, tone deaf, sexist, biased, clueless, abusive piece of shit.

Bill Weld on Lawrence: I would have issued sealed indictment on trump

and filed it so that the statute of limitations could not run out

if ***IF**** Mueller felt he was not up to the task, why not hand it over

to one of his deputies and step aside? There's no shame in it. It was optional for him in the first place. His service to country is unquestioned. And he had a wide selection of many competent deputies.

Maybe he was afraid he couldn't get it authorized and the investigation would stop?

Let's not forget, Sean Hannity's other job is slumlord. nt

The media is shilling so hard against impeachment right now, Bob Costa, others, on MSNBC

I had to turn it off.

"Voters just aren't interested."


1. I DON'T CARE. Treason is treason. Crimes are crimes. And they should not go unpunished. Should not even need to be said.

2. If people don't care it's because the media has fallen in line behind Trump, Barr and GOP and told them they don't need to care.

No wonder my acid reflux has gotten so bad.

Brought home by Schiff: Criminal standard is NOT the Impeachment Standard

and Mueller agreed

thank you

it is McConnell's job to make sure there are no consequences for trump's lawbreaking. nt

How do we get Al Franken back into the Senate

I'm serious. I want him back in.
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