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Member since: Thu Jan 24, 2019, 06:18 PM
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when trump attends a funeral, his main concern is finding a uniformed officer to take his coat. nt

the importance of snagging strategic URLs before the GOP gets them

The GOP loves their stupid, abusive, petty torments.

This includes "campaigning by insult." Give your opponent a mean name, set up an abusive smart ass website and load it up with slanderous taunting bullshit and frat-boy-punk graphics.

This happened a lot in the 2018 cycle. "Wacky Jacky" Rosen. "Two Faced" Tester. "Bredesen Blues."

This literally happened in nearly every race. They even had a website and hashtag for the #SchumerShutdown.

It starts with trump. Crooked Hillary. Pocahontas. Cryin' Chuck Schumer. Crazy Bernie. Little Adam Schitt.

Coming soon: Creepy Joe Biden. One Percent Biden.

You see where I am going----

If you spend enough time reading social media and you see a nascent nickname forming, snag the URL. It will cost you less than $20. It is very simple to then redirect it to a location of your choosing (free). Or just sit on it. By holding the URL you deprive the GOP of an easy way for them to spread trash, direct traffic and collect money.

That's very important - if you capture a prime URL they would have used as a donation point, you've given them a nice FU.

Also works for candidates who are too slow to secure their own campaign URLs --- like TancredoForGovernor did. That would have been a prime URL for him to direct traffic to his campaign but alas someone else got it first and redirected it to the NAACP website.

This college cheating scandal has me so worried about my D getting into college

She is a junior. I have so much stress and anxiety that no matter how well she does -- there's always someone who can work the system better than we can (even legally). And that somehow it's my fault and I let her down because I didn't do something I should have to help her.
I didn't get her a tutor she should have had. I didn't help her brainstorm enough for jobs. I just feel like I am failing at every turn.

Even without all the high-profile cheating, it is just so damn competitive. 100s of hours of volunteering. Perfect grades. Perfect scores. Stellar ECs. That's what these schools all seem to demand from these kids. And that is not where we are.

She can't came away from everything she does with a gold star. That's just not real for most students.

Sorry to vent. I'm just having a real low point. I am frustrated and I am tired.

If everyone who wanted to vote for Dems could vote, we would have already won.

Registering voters and protecting the vote is the most important thing we can do.

If we have a mosque in our area, what is an appropriate way to show respect & support?

*IF* trump plans to run for a second term, is he going to dump Pence?

I swear to God he's going to try to run Ivanka as VP.

Chris Matthews delivers the damn smartest reply I have seen to the "Socialist" accusation

from his closing remarks on Tuesday's Hardball:

MATTHEWS: Well, Democratic are kibitzing a lot right now about socialism
versus capitalism. For me, it`s brought back the conversations I had with
East Germans three decades ago. And those days in November of 1989, when
the Berlin wall was coming down, I wanted to hear their story of why their
system in East Germany had failed.

Well, the people I spoke with were not enemies of the East German system.
They were just the opposite, the system`s true believers factory
managers and school principals. They were loyal to the ideals of an
equitable society and also, they made clear to me, its victims.

And while they accepted the modest incomes provided by the East German
state, they faced a daily humiliation by a government that sent them, the
people who made the system work, to the back of the line, while the
hustlers, opportunists and exploiters of the system grabbed all the good
Well, the good East Germans watched tourists go to the hotels and
restaurants run by the government that refused the currency each Germans
were paid with. They had to wait 18 months for the delivery of the lousy
cars the country made.

And the lesson to me was clear a system fails when if doesn`t provide
economic justice to the very people who make it work.
We in this country
have succeeded magnificently in terms of economic efficiency. Our system
of mixed capitalism, free markets alongside an evolving social safety net
of Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, unemployment compensation, together
with antitrust, environmental, and other business regulations
have made
this country what it is today.

But we better be on alert to the need to adjust the balance between the
power of the marketplace and the need to soften and offset its power. We
need to insure that those hurt or passed over by capitalist enterprises get
treated fairly. This isn`t complicated. It`s not a choice between
capitalism and socialism, it`s finding the right combination,
and that`s
what the debates of this year and next will largely be about.



We don't want crony capitalism. We want capitalism prime.

this is the best, smartest response to "Socialism" being used as an attack on Dems I have seen

from Chris Matthews of all people!

I was flabbergasted as I listened yesterday to his closing statement. Yes! He's right! This is damn smart!


Unfortunately there does not appear to be a transcript up at MSNBC. I will search for one now elsewhere.

EDIT: MSNBC does provide transcripts of shows, but the last one available for Hardball is Monday. When it is available I will add it to this post, or just make a new post.

if unqualified student gets bogus admission, don't parents worry the student will flunk out?

your qualifications are not supposed to be about (just) getting in.

they are supposed to be about your readiness for college work.

I'd be very worried that an unqualified student admitted into a school like Stanford is going to be sussed out in no time.

most -- not all but most --- of their classmates are going to be the academic elite from all over the world.

now, maybe they just don't care if they get all Cs and Ds. maybe that's the situation.

mark my words: these child prisons on the border will turn out to be worse than Abu Ghraib

children with no protection and no ability to flee are magnets for abuse

especially by the kind of people who work for ICE and CBP.

that's why trump can't find the children. they are evidence.

they are being trafficked.

mark my words.
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