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Never play name games

when your name includes the letters p-u-b-i-c. This can be termed as an insurmountable strategic disadvantage.

This has been a long-standing pet peeve of mine; pubicans removing letters from the word Democratic and referring to us as the "Democrat Party" instead of the correct nomenclature, The Democratic Party.

Well, I'd just like to point out that when your party's name includes the letters p-u-b-i-c you should be very careful about playing name games with any opponent.

Therefore, I will now and forever refer to these traitor-clowns as the pubican party. Or the pubics. Or whatever. You get the idea.

Drone captures destruction from massive fire at Marcal Paper plant

I drove by the Marcal Paper building for decades on I-80 and on Paterson Ave. It was a near half a million square foot icon in the North Jersey region.

This reminds me of the Burry's Biscuits fire in Elizabeth, NJ several years ago. Another huge iconic building I lived near for several years that burned to the ground. The Burry's building was so big firefighters couldn't get water to the core of the fire and it burned for days and days until the fire simply ran out of fuel.

The intoxicating aroma of those Burry's Biscuits baking permeated the entire neighborhood in the warm months. When it was hot, we used to try to swipe cookies from the open windows at Burry's when we were kids!

A primer on global warming for our idiot traitor in the White House

And for the rest of the GOP who claim through their ignorance that every snow storm or cold snap is proof there is no such thing as global warming.

How polar vortex blasts are tied to global warming

By EarthSky Voices in Earth | Human World | January 30, 2019
By Jennifer Francis, Rutgers University

How could global warming be bringing the life-threatening cold to the central US this week? Scientists don’t have all the answers, but, they say, the jet stream is the link.

"Why cold air plunges south

Greenhouse gas emissions from human activities have warmed the globe by about 1.8 degrees Fahrenheit (1 degree C) over the past 50 years. However, the Arctic has warmed more than twice as much. Amplified Arctic warming is due mainly to dramatic melting of ice and snow in recent decades, which exposes darker ocean and land surfaces that absorb a lot more of the sun’s heat.

Because of rapid Arctic warming, the north/south temperature difference has diminished. This reduces pressure differences between the Arctic and mid-latitudes, weakening jet stream winds. And just as slow-moving rivers typically take a winding route, a slower-flowing jet stream tends to meander.

Large north/south undulations in the jet stream generate wave energy in the atmosphere. If they are wavy and persistent enough, the energy can travel upward and disrupt the stratospheric polar vortex. Sometimes this upper vortex becomes so distorted that it splits into two or more swirling eddies.

These “daughter” vortices tend to wander southward, bringing their very cold air with them and leaving behind a warmer-than-normal Arctic. One of these eddies will sit over North America this week, delivering bone-chilling temperatures to much of the nation."



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