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Aussie105's Journal
Aussie105's Journal
January 10, 2023

Came across this thread at an 'interesting' time . . .

While sitting in my car, next to a wife stoned out of her mind on pain killers, for 4 hours in an underground car park, in 32 degree C heat.

Yes, the dental pain - so severe, she hasn't made much sense over the last week.

The back story.

1. Snapped a tooth off level with the gumline, in November.
2. Went to a local dentist, nope, needs a dental surgeon, try this guy.
3. Dental surgeon booked - first available spot, 20th Jan 2023.
4. Wife insisted she could wait that long. Turns out . . . nope.
5. Massive pain, multiple doctor visits for antibiotics, pain killers. Pain went, came back.
6. Last couple of days swollen face, major pain.
7. Rang another place, sure, 10:30 am tomorrow.
8. We rock up, waiting time took this out to noon.
9. Too swollen, here is a script for antibiotics, come back at 4 pm.
10. 4 pm became a 5:30 pm wait, she was worked on by up to 3 dentists for 2 hours.
11. Paid the AU $ 550 without arguing. After all, they spent quite a bit of time in that room listening to her throw up.
12. Got her back home and resting, sort of.

I'm totally exhausted! What a way to spend a day!

Major sympathy for those who have been through this.

I better go see how she is . . .

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