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Member since: Wed Jan 16, 2019, 07:45 PM
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As an outsider, may I ask . . .

Are property owners boarding up shops and other places because they think Democratic party voters will lose, and loot, rampage and generally run amok?
Or is it the deplorable hordes of vanilla ISIS in major disappointment mode they fear?
Or antifa?
The proud (sad) boys?
The Tiki torch brigade?
The 17 year old out of state self appointed vigilante crowd?
The armed incels?
Bikers for Trump?
Grandmas for Biden?
The lesbian bikers for Biden?


But what if someone gave out riot invitations, and no one came to party all night?

And if there is an all night riot party, who will bring the food, the guns, the ammo, and the bandages?

Don't forget if you get injured in that (possible) riot, the hospitals are rather busy at the moment . . .

Never mind me, I'm confused. A lot of people would be, I'd say.
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