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A US soldier who worships the Norse thunder god Thor just got permission to keep his beard


A bearded US Army soldier who worships Thor, the Norse god of thunder, is being permitted to keep his beard as part of the military's effort to be more religiously accommodating.

In 2017, the Army decided to allow soldiers to wear a turban, beard or hijab for religious reasons. Initially, religious accommodation of facial hair in the Army seemed to be directed at Sikh service members (beards are a religious requirement for male Sikhs).

Now, however, it appears this new policy also permits adherents of the Norse pagan faith, also known as heathens, to keep their beards. Unlike Sikhs, Norse pagans are not required to wear beards as part of their faith, but facial hair is apparently encouraged.

A memo written by commander Col. Curtis Shroedero to a 795th Military Police Battalion soldier who reportedly made the request stated, "I grant your accommodation, subject to the standards and limitations described below."

Members of US Armed Forces Told to Clap for Mike Pence Like They're 'At a Strip Club'


On Tuesday, Vice President Mike Pence spoke with sailors of the USS Harry S. Truman in Hampton Roads, Virginia.

Pence was scheduled to tour the aircraft carrier and to meet with local business leaders about the U.S., Mexico, Canada trade agreement referred to as USMCA, according to his office.

While at the event, journalist Brendan Ponton tweeted that people were being egged on to applaud for Pence.

“Sailors being instructed to ‘clap like we’re at a strip club’ when VP arrives (not kidding)” he tweeted.

Harris' Hollywood haul: Donors include Ben Affleck, Elizabeth Banks, Wanda Sykes


Hollywood donors are flocking to Kamala Harris.

Actors and actresses who wrote checks to the Harris campaign during the first three months of the year included Ben Affleck, who gave $2,800; Elizabeth Banks, who donated $5,600; Eva Longoria Baston, who donated $5,400; Alison Pill, who donated $360; Wanda Sykes, who donated $500; Lily Tomlin, who donated $525; and America Ferrera, who donated $250.

Filmmakers and studio executives were similarly supportive of Harris’ presidential bid: Filmmakers J.J. Abrams and Lee Daniels wrote Harris checks of $2,800 and $2,700, respectively. Hollywood fundraiser Jeffrey Katzenberg gave $2,800 to Harris, and former Fox Television Group Chairman Gary Newman gave $2,700.

Harris did not garner a herd of Hollywood supporters by accident. She has made an effort to court donors in Hollywood for years while holding statewide office in California, as well as during the early months of her presidential bid.

not sure about Ben but I really like Elizabeth Banks and love Wanda Sykes

WaPo Column-Bernie Sanders has emerged as the Donald Trump of the left


in politics, as in physics, every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Hence, Sen. Bernie Sanders’s emergence as the Donald Trump of the left.

Fundraising and polls show that many Democrats think the best answer to an angry old white guy with crazy hair, New York accent and flair for demagoguery is, well, another angry old white guy with crazy hair, New York accent and flair for demagoguery. It’s not difficult to picture a scenario in which Bernie captures the Democratic presidential nomination with the same formula that worked for Trump with Republicans in 2016.

On paper, the independent from Vermont doesn’t make sense: Democrats are a party of youth, and he’s 77; they are majority-female, and he’s a man; they represent the emerging multicultural America, and he is white. Statistically, he is the worst option against Trump: An NBC News poll this week found that there are more voters with concerns about Sanders (58 percent) than there are for former vice president Joe Biden (48 percent), Sen. Elizabeth Warren (53 percent), Sen. Kamala D. Harris or former representative Beto O’Rourke (41 percent each).
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