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Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2018, 09:58 PM
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The 25th amendment needs to be invoked NOW

due to the recklessness and mishandling of this pandemic. He is clearly not protecting us, he shut down the 2 offices who dealt with pandemics and this administration was unwilling to make the WHO test kits. He continues with his Happy Talk while lives will be lost. WHERE ARE ANY OF THE REPUBLICANS ON THIS? Ron Johnson (WI) is buys going after Hunter Biden but claims he can multi task. Does anyone else understand the priorities or the agenda of these people ??

Trump supporters in California

Was sitting on a bench in Cambria CA watching the calming ocean waves. The couple (probably in their late 60's) approached the bench and the man was dumping sand out of his shoes. They said hello and then he proceeded to tell me that Jesus died for our sins blah blah blah. He then asked what church I attended. Now I am agitated as these people did not know me so I said, "does one have to go to church to believe in any God"? He said, "well, no". The next words out of my mouth were "if there was a God, trump wouldn't be in office". Surprised by my words, the woman said that trump has given us so many freedoms. I am not good at debating and should have asked her what the fuck she meant but I told her that trump hates non whites period. (This was when the moron was attacking Elijah Cummings). A few more words were exchanged and you simply cannot help these sheep.
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