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Member since: Sun Dec 16, 2018, 05:03 PM
Number of posts: 876

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Mars Perci rover cam

I didn't want anyone surprised when this suddenly becomes a thing.

It helps to remain informed. So, this has a longish intro of different drive methods but the meat of this thing happens after that. Enjoy!


TMC showing My Fair Lady later today

I hope you get to watch it. I love this film.

NASA Mars Perseverence landing today - follow along

NASA efforts started early this morning showing the original Atlas launch and they are now presenting some detail of the rover.


Landing should be this afternoon. Get snacks!

NY Times phone alert - Rush Limbaugh is dead

Ohhhh happy day!


I didn't get Obama on my bingo card

Those guys really sucked. They teased blaming Obama the whole time and, just like the last four years, nothing.

Couldn't this guy talk faster so we can get though this utter lack of substance and misdirection?

Oh, we're moving from fight to hate

And we’re still blaming democrats. It’s only a short distance from this to blaming Obama!

We’re close to blaming Obama!

Ima make a sandwich before we get to blaming Obama!

Ohh, my! Thank you for my new hearts!

Such a warn and welcome surprise, thank you!

The is just an attempt to seize the conversation to talk about anything but the capitol attack

This is nonsense.

How do we fast forward through this to get to any substance? Is there any substance? Or is this the entire defense because there’s nothing useful here. It’s ridiculous to spend time on this. It’s clear they have nothing.
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