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My father died on 2/25/2020...

He had lung cancer that was under control thanks to immunotherapy and great doctors at The James, The Ohio State University’s cancer hospital. His doctor mentioned at his last immuno session, in early January, that he had a patient who travelled from China every three weeks for treatment. The doctor was worried about his patient, and the doctor’s own family in China, due to this new virus that was emerging.

Dad got heartburn that wouldn’t go away in late January. Nothing crazy, just annoying and it wouldn’t go away. Then he got nauseous in early February and spiked a fever. We decided to take him to the ER. They admitted him for observation.

His fever was up and down. His BP was up and down. His O2 level was up and down for a week. He threw up and aspirated a week in and they put him on a ventilator. Four days later they tried to take him off. He was congested and didn’t have the energy to cough it up, so back on the ventilator he went. He didn’t get better. Three days later we took him off the ventilator and his meds. He snored away for another two days until he passed.

Two weeks in the hospital with no diagnosis. He was tested for the flu. Negative. He was scanned for infection. Nothing. No bacterial pneumonia. No lasting fever, yet they insisted it had to be an infection somewhere. I asked about this new virus in China. “No, we’ve checked for everything.”

Did they? Did they even have a test available here at that point?

He was 83. He was a great Dad. I miss him. I wonder why he died. I worry for my family.

The Caddyshack of Presidents!


Supreme JNOV

I don’t think it’s referred to as a Judgment Notwithstanding a Verdict now, but what if the overwhelming evidence is tRump is guilty but the Senate acquits. Could the judge (Chief Justice) overrule the verdict?

I know this is pie in the sky speculation, but this would practically insure that John Roberts goes down in history as the MOST important CJ ever!!

Trump uses unsecured phones...

If the NSA is worth anything, don’t you think they have recordings of every phone call Trump has ever made on an open line? Would that not be imperative to national security?
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