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Member since: Sun Dec 9, 2018, 01:11 PM
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My Covid game plan during Covid ... and surviving

A look back at a difficult time and adjusting. We all remember it now that it is in the past. A few facts:

First of all, I first had Covid in late February 2020 while in Las Vegas. I had slight chills, a hacking cough and was tired all the time. A fever for 4 hours. There was no testing then, but I'm pretty sure I had it.

When I got home to the Seattle North area, Covid hit the nation and our "great president" did very little initially. I already knew we were in trouble with that moron at the helm, so I planned survival with my wife.

Luckily, Seattle quickly became a mask-abiding society unlike many Red states so we were in good shape on that front.

Food: We survived on Amazon Fresh, a local cater that sold frozen to-go meals in our neighborhood, our local dairy truck delivery with all kinds of items they left in our metal-insulated bin by the front door, and a local food co-op grocery store that had a very mask-friendly staff and customer base. The latter was key. No large grocery stores, no Costco, no Home Depot, etc.

Vaccines: I had the first one in early February 2001, the second in early March 2001 and the boosters shortly after that. Yes, I got slightly sick every time and experienced fatigue for up to a month after every shot. But, I powered through it along with my wife.

Mental health: The 2020 election helped but not Jan. 6, of course. I took a trip to Palm Spring after the 20-day effective period following vaccine No. 2. It was March 2021 and it was in the mid-80s there compared with cloudy and 46 in our city near Seattle. I flew on Alaska Air Lines, which offers a clean-air system that is second to none. We watched a lot of TV, including series we would never watch before. Black Mirror really helped. Music really helped and long walks with mask on in our neighborhood. My wife, an attorney, worked at home and I am retired.

Companionship: Along with 3 other guys, we started a weekly outdoor wine club on my deck, which overlooks Puget Sound. The topics were diverse and started in April 2001 and still continue. Everybody wore a mask until seated on the deck, and then took them off as the Sound air is superb and we social-distanced. As time wore on, we had more locations and more people in the group.

Going out: Our town had many eateries opening up sidewalk-tent covered tables and it was an incredible experience that illustrated community support and engagement. I still avoided Costco, Home Depot and large gathering places and even went to Hawaii for Thanksgiving 2001. Hint: Seattle is not a long flight to Hawaii and prices were reasonable as the airlines sought to recover.

Today: What mask? Do I regret all the steps we took? Of course not. Biden made such a difference with the Covid response and Democrat responsibility and action. But, I look back at millions who did not have the options we had and suffered immensely. Those who bought into the GOP scare on vaccines and mask-wearing, suffered even more as many gasped for air and on their death beds, said they wished they had taken the vaccine. What a lesson and let's ensure America rewards the people with Biden again.

My 2024 projections ...

1. Biden will destroy Trump. If it's DeSantis, it will be worse. Trump has way too many indictments for smart voters to ignore. Smart is defined as Democrat, Independent and Republicans who have all their teeth and have heard about college. DeSatan is what we call the classic result of a Siberian grudge fuck. Frankly, he needs to woke up to American values.
2. Democrats will retake the House as this holding the country hostage for debt and budget is pretty fucking stupid. Comer's probe into the Biden crime family is a knee-slapper and Jordan is proving he is one stupid wrestler who took way too many head shots on the mat.The new speaker will be a person of color. Oh my god! George Santos will be back to adopting puppies and Marge Greene and Bimbo from Colorado could exit and return to their roles as, respectivel, waitress (not server) at a local waffle/pancake house and stewardess (not flight attendant) on ski charter planes.
3. The Senate will be tight and I see it as a toss-up. Tester will win in Montana and Manchin is finally gone. Cruz could lose in Texas and Arizona will move beyond Sinema, and hopefully Gallego gets the win. Kari Lake will return to her natural role by driving a beer cart at a private golf course for assholes. Schiff will replace Grandma Moses.
4. Abortion will play a role in many states along with gun control. Now, if you are pro-life and pro-gun, then I am confused that a woman can't make a decision on having a live child but it's ok for freaks with AR-15s to kill children. Consider Kansas that protected its Constitution with respect to abortion. Very red state. Guns? Canada figured it out and ask them about mass shootings.
5. On election night, smoke pot and drink some red wine like Jesus did at the Last Summer. Yes, it was alcoholic as they had the wine in April and the grapes were harvested the previous fall.

I don't go to church ...

Nor do I own a gun or ever want one. Why? The British are not going to take my house anymore

I drive cars made/engineered for liberals and not the less educated and less fortunate

I don't watch Fox News because I am not stupid and don't have a Lay-z-Boy with cup holders. Or TV rabbit ears

I prefer red wine and a good Pilsner or Lager. No whiskey, bourbon, scotch or sherry

I like jam bands and not country music though Dwight Yoakum was fun for a while.

I don't like Pina Coladas or getting in the rain

I like a good hotel, good airlines and Uber

When ordering at a restaurant, I say please and thank you. I don't say "I'll do the ..."

I like the new Tennesee Three vs. Johnny Cash's backup band

My first car was a VW bug, not an urban assault vehicle

Despite smoking a lot of pot in my early 20-30s, I became a VP at 3 major corporations

On that note, a neighbor once noticed me smoking pot recently on my porch in a "legal" state and said "that used to be illegal" with a beer in his hand. I responded, "Oh, you mean like alcohol during Prohibition.

Further on that note, Republicans are going after LGBT, abortion rights, no gun restrictions, and it goes on. Pot? I think it keeps them balanced at night while their wives are praying or cooking meatloaf.

I was struck by lightning when I was young and never had another interaction with god.

OK, think I'll quit, have a glass of wine, help with/prepare dinner, and smoke some weed to balance myself and watch MSNBC.

Cars/trucks I would never, ever buy

1. Anything GM. I had to once rent a GM at an airport and the embarrassment was killing me. One guy asks me at a store how I like my Malibu. I had to explain it's not mine, but a rental. He walked away, probably to his Cadillac or Buick. Probably owned a Vega in the '70s. Not a Pinto guy.
2. Toyota. Just don't like them. Cheap metal and not even close to Nissan. If you want a Corolla, please go see a doctor first and get some meds. Let's Go Places? As far away from any Toyota dealer is my response. I went to high school in Japan and never thought their products were worth 100 yen.
3. Lincoln. I'm not 80 years old, yet. and don't drive a limo. Who buys this crap?
4. Charger or Challenger. Please stop selling muscle cars to us. Starsky and Hutch was horrible, almost at bad as the Dukes of Hazard.
5. VW bus now. No former Hippie would be caught dead in one of these. I'm not sure what VW product I would own today, especially since the EOS is gone and the Passat is overpriced.
6. Honda. Great mowers or generators but shit cars in my view. A starter for a college coed grad who majored in History and is now working at Burger King.
7. KIA. It means Killed in Action in the Army. It's also MIA at my house.
8. SAAB or Yugo. Well, don't worry as they are basically done.
9. Jeep Compass. This is not a Wrangler but another example of a college grad going on a budget and trying to look cool. It's not cool, it's chilly and the last time I looked, chilly ain't cool.
10. Subaru Forrester. Great for two friends going to ski and a dog is in the back. But it's not an Outback, mate. Most popular car in Boulder, Colo., for years. Folks in Iowa rural areas never see one because they buy American. OK, keep farming and leave cars to us.

I am not worried about DeSantis ... woke ideas to keep the ball rolling

This guy is tested in Florida only by its weird voter base and the GOP polls ranking him above Trump is not surprising considering a former president who is wandering around like a helpless animal like he did at the great Tulsa rally.

OK, woke ideas for DeSantis to keep him on his path of moronic behavior (please keep in mind that on the IQ scale, moron is above imbecile and idiot):

1. Go after organic foods. Our parents didn't serve them and preferred ultra-processed foods that would bring on cancer earlier in life and end the madness
2. Go after EV cars on all fronts. Again, our parents drove gas guzzlers and did not tap into the power grid for mileage incentives
3. Attack wineries and wine drinking as snobbery and not bourbon-like. Wine? Maybe at the Last Supper but not couches in wine bars with healthy snack trays. Especially attack pinot noirs as something we never had in church or at family dinners.
4. IPAs. What in the hell is this crap? The easiest beer to make vs. light beers. Liberals on the Left Coast drink IPAs, not at the grange hall in Iowa and CPAC after-hours.
5. Interracial couples on TV ads. A white woman with a well-trimmed black dude, or a black woman with her pasty-cake boyfriend. This is not the way we grew up. This is so misleading about society. Work up the voters in upper midwest, Arizona, the Dakotas and Wyoming.
6. Women in jobs beyond nursing, teacher, waitress, stewardess (the preferred term), etc. Limit their roles as doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEOs, and corporate board members. Limit their college attendance and encourage more robust home economics courses that may even have books.
7. Ban MSNBC, CNN, the NYT, the Post, etc., in conservative states. Recommend the Christian Science Monitor, a favorite bedtime read for Trump.
8. Rename Florida the Sunset state if you catch my drift.
9. Toy stores cannot have black, brown or Asian dolls. This is not the way our sisters of Democracy grew up.
10. Ban sleeveless blouses, skirts above the knee, sheer blouses with black bras, torn jeans with a turtle neck shirt, colored Converse sneakers, dark hoodies, and nose piercings. He would ban tattoos but that practice represents 80 percent of his voters.

My work is done, the choice is yours.

States I would never live in and why

First of all, I have been to all 50 states and lived in 16 of them. OK, enjoy the ride. No offense if you live in one of these. Move to a blue state and you'll live a longer life

Texas: dumb governor and poor gun control
Arizona: Becoming a Dem state but still has GOP entrails. Where Kari Lake is from. Too hot.
Idaho: Great backpacking in the north but rednecks galore. Boise is boring and Moscow is not a good name for a college town
North Dakota: Please, I went to college and got something out of it
South Dakota: Fruitcake governor and cold wind
Wyoming: Cold, windy, nice mountains but basically stupid people
Kansas: Jesus is the law, western part of the state looks like a scene from the Book of Eli or Road Warrior
Oklahoma: Tornadoes and too close to Texas
Missouri: Rural folks don't get out much from their mobile home parks
Arkansas: Look who they elected governor. Are they serious?
Kentucky: Two liberal areas and the rest is redneck cesspool. Visit Murray, Ky., if you want to step back in time
Ohio: Cincinnati is fine; the rest is a dump and Jim Jordan is from there
Alabama: Seriously? Check out education and annual salaries of most folks
Mississippi: Fox TV helps them get through the day
Louisiana: Other than New Orleans, too many came ball caps and overalls
Florida: A redneck dumping ground and beetles that fly in high humidity. Fascist governor
South Carolina: Lindsey Graham and Tim Scott got elected there. How stupid are they people despite a lovely coastline
West Virginia: God bless them for digging coal and realizing the harmful effects
Indiana: Not exactly Illinois. Pence prays too much for me
Iowa: What do you do there? Go to the grange hall and watch Fox?
Utah: 3.2 ABV beer. A bit overdone on religion. Beautiful mountains and the Great Salt Lake is drying up.
California: I was born there and lived in Palo Alto and Santa Monica. But the water issue is worsening. Also, Kevin McCarthy got elected

That about wraps it up. I do like western Montana, Alaska and Georgia.

Why I live in Washington staate

1. Liberal values where woke goes to thrive
2. Probably the best air in the U.S. Check out ratings for Bellingham
3. Water: around us and in the air
4. Abortion: choice and not religious influence
5. Effective governor
6. Natural beauty until you get near Idaho
7. No state income tax
8. World-class university in Seattle (check the ratings)
9. Fish. You buy salmon/halibut at very, very reasonable prices. This isn't Oklahoma
10. You don't carry AR-15s on the street. This isn't a MAGA state
11. Donald Trump doesn't visit and Sarah Hillbilly Sanders has no idea where we are
12. Asians. Good people who bring so much value to our Left Coast communities
13. People of color. You actually greet them at the local pub, and they greet you because there are no Confederate flags here
14. Mild winters, lack of sun. This is when we travel
15. Trees grow here at massive heights
16. Close to Hawaii
17. Innovation. Microsoft, Boeing, Amazon, Costco, Fluke, Starbucks, Alaka Airlines, Expedia, REI
18. Finally, no tornadoes or hurricanes. An earthquake every 30-40 years

Biden is a patriot and that matters

His main theme during the "stolen" 2020 election was decency. Think about it and consider the MAGGOTS. Imagine DeSantis addressing the ballon issue. His parents should have shot the stork in the air years ago.
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