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BoomaofBandM's Journal
BoomaofBandM's Journal
June 1, 2019

Any chance we can get impeachment posts to a forum

Yes, I think it's an important discussion. But it is overshadowing all other issues of the day.

Yes, I would like Trump gone, the sooner the better. Republicans are using divide and conquer very efficiently.

As the country struggles in an overwhelming series of natural disasters, they are withholding disaster relief.

Separation of church and state is being dissolved. Introduction of Christian tenets into education, cloaked as history.

Lawmakers and insurance companies, often the same people, deciding what happens with people's bodies. From pregnancy to drug costs.

The rich getting richer while the rest of us will be spending more for healthy vegetables because of tariffs.

Children still separated from their families, indefinately. Others packed in like Nazi prisoners in train cars.

Conservative politicians and their minions deciding which laws to follow and which judges to heed.

We can go on and on and on.

And what do I read the most? Is Nancy Pelosi any good at her job? What are the dem leaders doing sitting on their hands? Why did THEY get us here?

And what are we doing? Complaining. I love a good discussion as much as anyone. And we have a lot to complain about, and something needs to be done. And I have hopes it is being done.

What dem leaders need is our support. Our vocal support. Our phone calls. Our letters and our emails. We need to blame those who are reponsible. Do not let republicans tell us who to be mad at. We know who to blame.

Not Pelosi, not Mueller, not Nadler. The list of who to blame is long. And it's republican. And it is real white and real male and real rich.

So again, yes, impeachment is a big deal. And we, as democrats, want impeachment or something done to remove the menace that is our president from our lives, hopefully taking his merry band of misogynists, rascists, homophobes, zenophobes, and religious zealots with him.

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