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Member since: Sat Dec 8, 2018, 10:18 PM
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A note for Donald, about his upcoming visit to Green Bay.

Hey Donald.

Don't know if anyone told you, but Wisconsin has been averaging 2500 new cases of covid a day.

Brown county has been adding 150 to 250 cases of covid a day.

About 20% of the testing done is resulting in positive cases.

Our schools are shutting down right and left to try to slow down the spread of covid. Just a side note, I have been remote learning with my grandson. I guess I have you to thank for the quality time I am getting with him.

Our football team, you may have heard of them when you tried to buy into the NFL, they are known by the name the Packers, cannot open games to the public yet, and will not do so for the near future because of the covid numbers up here.

We have a lot of hospitals, but they are filling up, yup, covid.

You can come downtown to have a beverage, our state republicans have made sure that the bars stay open. But if you want to eat at one of our fine establishments you may want to call ahead as so many have shuttered. And the many people who used to work at those shuttered establishments would ask you to get Mitch to get some help for them. Many have been out of work for a long time.

I would come to the airport to share my views with you, but you bring your fans of maskless racist cult members, and that just isn't my thing. Seeing them on tv turns my stomach. I think seeing them in person would make me vomit, made all the more uncomfortable as I do wear a mask.

Not only that, it is hard for me to get around and I have a questionable immune system and am over the age of 60. I guess to you I am a nobody, so it will not matter to you if I get sick and die, but my husband and daughter and grandkids and numerous brothers and sisters and their families might miss me. By the way, we were raised Catholic in a Milwaukee suburb. And we do not like your choice for supreme court. To be honest we do not like you either. None of us voted for you last time and none of us will vote for you this time. So that is about 50 votes for Joe.

I am hoping others in our usually reliably red area will be sharing their views with you. If not, as I said, most of your cult will not wear masks if they follow your example. It may be a little chilly Saturday evening, but its good clean air. And you will he surrounded by very good people. So shake hands with those good people and make sure to breathe in deeply.

Say hi to Vos and Fitzgerald. Please thank them for our covid explosion. And if Mike Gallagher is there don't forget to thank him for his service. He hasn't really addressed your comments about service members, which I find surprising as a Marine. I guess he agrees with you.

Oh, and if you were wondering, I did vote, dropped off at our polling place, already received. We checked.

To he honest, I do not welcome you to our community. You have done a lot of harm up here. I am just hoping you will take with you what we have left to offer. Cough.

So I just heard that Fitzgerald and crew took all of 30 seconds to shoot down taking immediate actio

on police accountability act, which is what the Bucks asked for when they did not play. The Bucks did the right thing, Governor Evers did the right thing by calling a special session, and then once again the Republicans did the wrong thing. I really dislike Wisconsin Republicans.

Can anyone recommend a good book on the Ojibwe Nation? My new granddaughter has a

Ojibwe father. We don't have much disposable income, and there are many books to choose from.

Anyone else not real excited about Tommy Thompson becoming interim uw system president?

Wasn't he the beginning of the Koch takeover of Wisconsin? When are we going to be done with old white Republican men? I'll admit to some bias against old white Republican men. I

Edited once again for auto correct. Happens in my texts as well.

Got tested today.

The county I live in has opened testing to anyone who lives in the county for free. It was quick and painless. We drove up, they checked our IDs and asked a few questions, took the swabs which did not hurt but did make us sneeze, and we drove off.

Our 28th anniversary is next week, and this was truly the oddest date we have ever been on. Did feel like we were in a sci to movie with everyone wearing white coveralls and full face masks, and people walking around in fatigues. These were real military, with no guns.

My husband goes back to work next week, he was sent home at full pay because he was over 60, as was everyone else over 60 in his company. He was able to do some work from home, but wants to make sure he has a clean bill of health before he goes back in. Neither of us have any signs of covid, other than the ones that mimic old age like body aches.

It was very well done. I hope everyone has a chance to get checked. They did tell us it will take 5 to 7 days to get the results. I do not know who is processing the tests.

Perhaps another result of cv?

My husband just went to eye specialist. Blurred vision in one eye, sent to specialist, diagnosed brvo which I guess is like a stroke in your eye. Doctor said best to have procedure within 2 weeks to one month for any chance of stopping damage to eye. Called to get approval from insurance company and they said it would take 72 hours to maybe get approval. The doctor said he had never heard of such a thing.

Our insurance is not great, not terrible, but the only thing offered by his company. It has a high deductible. I read up on doctor google, sounds like he should get it done. We did check into financial assistance. We have a little bit of savings and have cashed in a lot of 401 in light of this and stock market crash.

We will deal with whatever comes, still paying bills from his cancer a few years ago, but what I am wondering is if they are putting holds on treatments as insurance companies figure out how much everything is going to cost them.

For some reason I don't trust insurance companies. We are both in our early 60s and I am somewhat high risk for cv. Just a little frustrated right now.

I am trying to lose weight, cutting out sugar and carbs, eating healthier. And my scale

Kept showing me gaining weight. Shared my concern with my husband. Being high tech, he changed the batteries in the scale. Yup, lost 5 pounds. So I guess I will just change the batteries in the scale every day, so I can lose 5 pounds a day.

Easy peasy.

I just read that the executive board of the county I live in wants to make it a sanctuary

County for the second amendment. You know, so no one will try to take guns from gun owners. I live in Brown County WI.

I was raised in a hunting family, and have family and friends who hunt and shoot competitively, and as long as people are responsible, and licensed, I have no problem with gun ownership.

On the other hand I am a grandmother and sickened by the fact my grandson has to go through drills and lockdowns. I have also been the victim of armed robbery in my early years in restaurant management. I lived in Texas at the time and we had identifying photos of various guns and height markers on the front door.

I was just wondering if anyone would like to call it email to the how it being a sanctuary county would fit in on your decision to say, go to a packers game. Or to visit and spend money on this beautiful but very red part of the state. Nice to know that Brown County protects its gun owners. But will it protect its citizens or the tourists who come to the area for games, festivals, concerts. I am hoping this would make an impact.

If just 5 or 10 or a hundred call and let them know this would impact their travel to this part of the country, you would make a fellow DUer happy.

I am sorry I don't know how to post an article, I got it off the internet from WGBA Green Bay, the local NBC affiliate.

I am against gun rights sanctuaries, don't think there is a need for them up here, most feel the way I do from both parties. and I am tired of WI republicans and what they have done to a once blue state. And I am afraid of what it will attract to this area.

I hope it is ok that I am asking this, but I figure nothing ventured nothing gained. I can add the info if it is ok by DU rules, not sure if allowed.

Somehow the shootings and the irresponsibility of the republicans and the NRA needs to be addressed. Maybe a little grass roots would help.

I feel like I am an extra in a disaster movie. A one star disaster movie.

Scott walker NOT running for office in Wisconsin. He will be based out of the state.

Maybe he can find jobs for Vos and Fitzgerald too. Take Wisconsin back!
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