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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 04:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,686

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When it comes to

Prosecuting trump, I think all attorneys, AG’s, and Grand Juries should charge, Everything, Everywhere, All at once”. Seems to be a winning approach after last night.

Attention GQP

If it is legal to Not bake a wedding cake for gay couple because it goes against your principles and Christian Morals, maybe Rep From Kentucky “Gomer” needs reminded that AT&T/ DIRECTV should be allowed to NOT air Russian propaganda Network, NewsMax that “Bares False witness” every damned word. They should ban Fixed News as well.

Question about Ukraine funding

Being the GQP is owned by the Military Industrial Complex, (as are some Dems) how will the political cash source react to the loss of billions being spent for Ukraine weapons since they are not taking in cash for Iraq and Afghanistan? Will they approve of MTG et al zeroing their sweet profits while our soldiers are not dying there? Sure seems like the MIC is in a win win here with profits and our soldiers are not involved.
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