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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,245

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A message for

Scalise. Hey fool? About your after 9/11 not Banning airplane analogy, the damn Airlines became the most ďWell Regulated ď industry on the planet. Way past time to ďWell RegulateĒ the
Militia. My thought and prayer for you, I pray the bullet shrapnel still lodged in your ass, hurts like hell while you get paid to sit on it and do not a damn thing. About anything.

American exceptionalism

One party says,
We canít and wonít fight this virus, or any future ones
We canít and wonít fight planet destruction creating climate change
We canít and wonít end poisoning water, air and food
We canít and wonít end Gun slaughtering of kids
We canít and wonít prosecute treasonous actions by government
We canít and wonít have health care and affordable meds
We can't and wonít care for elders and poor and post womb children
We canít and wonít allow you to vote against us
We canít and wonít allow women to control their uterus
We canít and wonít allow immigrants
And after next two elections that party will be in control forever. God be Blessin MurKKKa, his chosen white only country. A shinning beacon for the rest of the world. All my fellow veterans that died for this. God damned shameful.
The Republicans ďTen CommandmentsĒ. Approved by their Jesus and in the Newest testament of the magic book. The only book allowed in schools. Commandments Posted in courthouses and schools after 2022 elections
Hand carved in stone by Mosesís living brother, Mitch McConnell.
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