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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,422

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Very sad

Watched a lot of Foo Fighter Videos on MTV live yesterday in honor of Taylor Hawkins Passing. At one of their shows he had “RIP Charlie” on the front bass drum head. Hope they are both part of an amazing drum circle at the city square of heaven, with John Bonham and Keith Moon and so many more. Makes me wanna start living right soI could attend those sessions on weekends, with some Jesus approved wine.

Anybody remember Josh Dugger

And his escapades. After his sexual assault exposure he was heavily defended by none other than, Teddy Cruz and Mike Huckabee along with other GQP presidential candidates and right wing Christian’s that are now all over Judge Jackson and her so called week on sex crimes. Matty Gaetz & Donny were besties with Epstein. Hypocrisy is way to “Weak” a word.?

Biden just declared

Pence’s head a “No ‘Fly’ zone”. He also has now committed to send the American invisible stealth fighter planes that Trump bragged we had. If Pooty can’t see em, he can’t blame us.

Predicting Putin next Level

I think he is like so many of the mentally disturbed American mass shooters. When he see’s no way out, not gonna go out alone, kills as many as he can then shooting himself. I’m afraid when he see’s then end of power and money, what else does he have to live for, a loving family. The world, except GQP, all hate him and want him dead. So he will end it all for all of us. He is that sick, just like American mass killers. Maybe Tucker et al will realize THEY will not be given a Putin pass when the thousands of nukes get released in every direction, as we all try to out shoot the others. All GQP, MAGA’s, everybody will die. No school desk will save anyone. I guess the Entire trump family think the are radiation immune. Mar-A-Lardo will be nuke safe. But That fat orange blob will melt light a grease fire on a wax table, and destroy everything near it. Ivanka first, Melanoma will run like a crack whore from a police raid. Those plastic kidneys will go first.
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