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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,421

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Go home Aaron Rodgers

You arrogant anti Vax trump humper. With your time off take some time to listen to a Biden speech next to a trump speech and think which is incoherent.

The press conference

In Summary. “MR President, why are you so fucked up, Why do you keep fucking up, why can’t you get anything done. And MR President, why is you cognitive abilities so horrific, (News Max). Why can’t you bring the country together, you said you would. How Biden can not jump the podium and kick asses is beyond me. The press is so fucked up. Questions where a joke and an embarrassment. You would think it was strictly Fox that was the only people allowed.
Any of the assaulting question ever asked of trump. NEVER. I want to burn some shit up. The press is poison, and pro trump……Period!!!! We deserve and will have trump repeat with his spawn taking charge for decades. The NewsMax ass and Doooooshee need to be barred from any News Conference forever. What’s sickening, is the so called liberal media are just as fucking ignorant and divisive.
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