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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
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Help me!

Talk me off the anger ledge. I rarely watch morning Moe. But after watching clips on CNN about Sucker, InGreyHam and Shamnity mocking and laughing at Police testifying at the hearings, I wanted to hear MSNBC hammer them back. Instead Moe compares these terroristic insurrectionist attempting to kill police and elected leaders, destroy our government and install Trump as DICKtater, to the Far Left hippies of the Sixties. Hippies that mostly peacefully protested a political war, some shot and killed on campus, a war extended to keep Nixon in power, and being drafted to go die for that cause with no right to vote. And corporate America Raping all the countryís resources, and killing us with unchecked, unlimited dumping of cancerous chemicals in our water, food and air. Sounds like equal causes to me there Moe. Who would have known Moe hated hippies and loved war and poisoning the rest of Americans that would not die in that war? And, was Moe in Senate then?
Morning Moe is NOT a friend to liberals. Especially us hippies. He liked agent Orange and Paraquat sprayed on our weed to kill said hippies.
When will I learn not to peek during that Spin Cycle morning hours on MSNBC? Squinty and the meat puppet put Trump in. They were as culpable as Fox For our hell. Now letís add to it with OAN and Newsmax. But far left hippies are the terrorist.
Iím done, better now, long live hippies, and our music.

Do MAGA terrorist

Get 70 virgins in paradise? Pretty nice incentive for incels. But they are only virgins the first 70 times. Are they constantly replenished? What happens to used ones? Are they given to Christians like the pillow guy?


Many of us libs feel like Dems do not have a clue how to get the message out to the people.
With all these literally millions of jobs (most min wage service) that can not get workers, according to GQP is Bidenís fought. Too much free give away money so people will not work.
But, if GQP was in control, and Trump really was President, GQP would be non stop praising trump for Creating so many jobs with policies (the likes no one has ever seen), we just can not fill them. Promises made, promises kept.
So Dems, start shouting praise to the Job Creator, Joe Biden.
Remember the Obama years, (good times) every time Boner, Mitch or Ryan had a news event, they always stood in front of background with, Jobs, Jobs, Jobs wall paper?

Why are you masked?

When asked that question, I say I have been masking since the very beginning. So I have not had Covid. I still have a strong sense of smell and I canít tolerate the smell of rotting brain.

Tax relief

I listen to Free Speech TV a whole lot. One of their sponsors you hear at the top of each hour, Is Optima Tax relief. I think Weissilburg and the Trump crime family should give them a call. Iíd be glad to forward the number, and we could end this case and focus on Voter Rights.
That is ALL that matters right now. Locking up all trumps, I will dance for, but protect the fucking voter rights. I could not vote during Vietnam era, but could die for that much needed war. Do I need sarcasm emoji here? I joined the Navy, draft number 324. Many gave their lives, my brothers and sisters with no right to vote. I will do the same now. Stop these mother fuckers now. 🤬🤬🤬🤬
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