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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
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Trump's America

Sorry to bring up sports here but, last night a Philly basketball fan, white with a red 76’s hat on backwards, poured popcorn on Westbrook as he left game with ankle injury going through the tunnel. Westbrook wanted to beat his white ass, but multiple guards held him back. Poor deprived white boy pissed at wealthy black athlete.
Another incident at another game, a black basketball player on sideline, throwing the ball in was spat at. Y a fan. A year of whining about being locked out and when they are allowed back into an arena, they act like Trump towards the black athletes. Obviously blacks are taking jobs from them in sports.
I say let the athletes at them each time. Trump will pay their hospital bills.

Wait for it!

Sucker Smarlson and Steve Dooshee, will begin ranting about the Biden Administration allowing trillions of undocumented Brood 10 Cicadas to invade MurKKKa in a few weeks. Under 4 years of Trump, he did not allow “any” to enter the US. Radical Left Wing Dems and their All Lives Matter science BS will have trillions of screaming flying bugs destroying NASCAR events this summer.
Once again, Dems will ruin another outdoor summer.
Bring back DDT. Like Trump did Asbestos. Stop the surge. The cicadas will be allowed to vote by mail.
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