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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,421

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The flag change

Trump and Mississippi trumpers will completely be ok with the new flag, If they remove the confederate part and have the blue and white strips trade places. Putin will see he gets re-elected. During that time, our National flag will be the new Mississippi one. MAGA! White up top, for known reasons, then blue and then red as Putie likes it.

Pence speaks

At today’s “Preeser for Covid” a great reporter asked Pence if he and trump have any responsibility for the rally and youngins for Jesus KKKlanboree, and the infections and spread it likely created. His answer, the constitution, freedom to assemble, and freedom of speech. I wish she would have followed up and asked about gas, rubber bullets, unidentified soldiers, National Guard excessive force, chopper blades used against peaceful right to gather in DC, for trumps bible show. And the 75 year old man with brain damage. Any constitutional rights for them?

Texas Patriots

We should be celebrating the true Texas Patriots out there sacrificing for the economy and Dow as their brave Lt Governor suggested. They are Making America Great willing to die for Abbott and the Lt. Gov. Salute to you Patriots dying for “their” portfolio. This is Tongue in check, joking, that is cool now right? The exact way the GOP leadership is role modeling for all our youth. Make fun of dead, for profit. All on Gods coat tail.


Ironically, trump, his extreme racist GOP minions and base, may very well Make America Great, finally, by bringing together a massive army of antiracist Warriors, old and young, of all colors. They live and breathe owning the libs and wet their pants daily at the thought of doing so. But, the “owning” has taken a massive switch to the libs ownership of the MAGS after the MASCAR ruling on the confederate flag. The white right has created a nationwide outrage, from young, old, and multiracial force that really want America to become great by inclusiveness of everyone and equality to all, so long overdue. The confederate dismantling nationwide is THE basis for leading us to greatness. Owning the MAGS is so satisfying, and may MAKE AMERICA GREAT if this movement succeeds....winning. But, MAKING AMURKKKA GREAT, not so much. It may finally be their end, at least in full view, and leading the GOP agenda. Winning, really loving the winning. Thank you Donald. MAGS, you gettin owned were it hurts you most. You can take your flags and unmasked breathing mouths to trump rallies and spread the science driven virus all over each other. Bless your hearts, YOUR God may love you. Go spend your socialist checks on flags. Sorry to “Tread on You”, not!
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