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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
Number of posts: 6,422

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How many?

How many people died in Vietnam, supported by GOP?
How many soldiers died in GOP wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, for cash and oil?
How many kids, wives loved ones have died from guns and mass shootings, many coerced by white wing and GOP media?
How many people die from GOP poison in water, air, and food?
How many people die from no insurance?
How many people die from not having enough for cure, even with insurance because of GOP donors in Pharma?
How many people die from lack of food water and housing?
Who knows, how many will die from this virus because of trump, GOP, and right wing media?
How many Americans have died in history from bible thumpers during slavery and how many native Americans during our take over?
Notice a common denominator? Cash, God and GOP,
GOP bible thumping Christians are cold blooded murderers, plain and simple.
Pro life? Gods wrath is here because of gays?
Right wing GOP must be convicted of murder and fast processed in Texas for execution. More of their pro life policies.

Sacrificing for the country

Most seniors DID sacrifice for this country in war. Gave up life limbs and mental health. Lost brothers and sisters and family. Put our life on the line and gave up our youth, and much of our lives with multiple disabilities and economic stability because of that sacrifice. So.... Assholes like Glenn Beck, Trump, Rusty Limpballs, Patrick and other cowards, never served, never sacrificed for the country, line up for YOUR turn. Fuck your kids future, I sacrificed for mine. A little self responsibility there blow hards. You brought em, you sacrifice for em. You have distroyed their futures already with poison and destruction of the planet. Oh, babies are useless eaters. Takers, hurt the economy, so how about drive through abortions to help the stock markets. Old people took oaths years ago, and I for one still, and will honor that part about enemy from within. Pro life Evilgelical pricks. As Samulel Jackson loves to quote, Ezekiel 25:17. Bring that wrath on these assholes Lord, so they will know.

Be careful

All those young people at spring break and New Orleans super party are the same people that come back and prepare fast food. Do you think they care about food service protocol. You think they wash hands. Cash passed back and forth. Would you let them baby sit your child? Not all, but many believe the virus is a hoax and only care about quitting time and the next party.

Lie fest

Did trump plan on his shit show during the Tuck Chodd hour because he knew Tuck would not pull away when he lies? Thought networks were gonna end his free political rallies,

''Tis the season

Approximately a month ago, tornados struck Nashville in a devastating way. Not even the season. We are now approaching the season and tomorrow Nashville is in a TorCon alert. Climate change has made these destructive storms more and more powerful. Now in the midsts of a pandemic there will be many, many ppl homeless with no help coming, Hospitals full, no medical equipment. So bailing out the Corps with free cash, the very Corps that pay GOP to deny climate change and allow more pollution and damage is just total bullshit. Let those Corps, that do not pay taxes, dig into their offshore billions to rescue their business. That is capitalism, Right? None of the socialist free money, ďourĒ money crap. Trumpís whole life has been a socialist bailout. Tax Payers, need the help with the Taxes they pay. Itís our money and We need it now! 877-Cashnow!
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