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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
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Voted today

Early voting has been ongoing a few days in Western North Carolina. Went very smoothly, no Picture ID needed now, and pleased my name had not been removed. As I walked into my precinct, a regional politician approached me and asked if I were going to vote. He introduced himself and handed in my direction a political flyer, and all I needed to see was "CONservitive and Christian" and my blood pressure rose. I could have went into an hour rant about those two things and this admin but promised myself to be civil, so, just said, "See my Navy hat, I took an oath to protect democracy from foreign and domestic enemies. I will do so. So, hell no" and walked away. I was concerned only about 15 people were there. But, it has been going on a bit and it was mid afternoon workday. The kicker, after registering and waiting in a small line to get to the machine, a middle aged couple came up behind me. I heard the male mention Sanders a few times and thought cool. Turns out, they were trumpers. Then, I heard the male schooling his lapdog subservient wife that we are voting today to help put in someone that can never beat trump and that they would change their political preference back to GOP in the fall. I wanted to fly off, but kept my mouth shut, I did not want to lose my voting status. We know this is happening but seeing it right in you face is sickening. Then come home to watch Racheal and "today's" new endless tRump bullshit, and pandemic give a shit attitude from him, you just have to wonder how damn stupid these people are. Maybe a massive die off will open their pea brains. Red hats will not protect from the virus. My question is why do the right whities feel so confident Bernie is a certain loser, and why does Putin/Trump so want him to run against trump. Does Gooliani have something up his sleeve again? Vote people....freakin vote. Thus shit must end, real soon.

Truer words never spoken

"Do not Agonize....Organize". (Bono) Our country is under siege. We are heading into a place we may never recover from. We outnumber these idiots. We MUST Organize like never before to take our country, our government back and prosecute the criminals so harshly it will not be attempted again. Not a time to curl up in hopeless agony. Our animal instinct, Fight or Flight. I choose to Fight like hell, kind of something we learn in the military. Many died fighting to never allow this here. We must honor those, as well as, our children.

Spitting on veterans

Yes, as a Vietnam era veteran, more than once was I spat at, disrespected and disgusted how we were treated upon returning. I have forgiven that since we now are shown respect and thanked for our service after the gulf war. A little late, but much appreciated. But, that is not as disgusting to me as a president that dodged the draft with phony heel Spurs and is constantly spitting in the faces of military persons, and now............giving Medal of Freedom to another draft dodger that had pimples on his ass, one that still praises the Gulf wars and praises a treasonous twit in the White House. Rusty LimpBalls had pimples on ass, refused to go, loved the Vietnam war and fully supports all the middle eastern deaths of our soldiers. On a positive note, you can not hid from the cancer dumped on us all by GOP, even in Ivory towers with gold microphones spewing lies, hate, traitorous bull shit, in the name of God. Millions in cash will not protect them, and ya can not shoot cancer with all the guns you can accumulate. Good ridence ass pimple. Enjoy hell, God knows truths.

Tribute to the flag

The pregame tribute with Johnny Cash speaking his own words and President Barrack Obama awarding the medal to the soldier certainly had to make Twitler and GOP pee on themselves. Certainly looked to me to be a dig at the recent criminal Antibes of GOP. The ragged old flag, currently being torn and ripped like rarely before.
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