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Member since: Wed Dec 5, 2018, 03:45 PM
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Shit ya can't write

How rich is it watching KellyAnne rant about trusting statements from non credible people on a TV show, not under oath. The daily White House TV show? Can we put CONway under oath just one Time? Never mind, watching that GOP swearing in for an oath says it all. It means nothing. Placing their hand on THEIR bible is as meaningful as placing it on a copy of the Enquirer. Saw a video of Perry this AM in an interview saying and raising his Christian hand, "As God is my witness I never mentioned Biden's name with tRump" prior to heading over to meet new Ukrane leader, after scrapping Pence visit. These are not God fearing people. They use his name like they use abortion, to rob us of everything.

Bolten on board?


Trump gives Bolten his life long dream of Iran war, gives him a heads up a day before assassination as stocks for Military Industrial Complex, Raytheon, Lockhead etc. raise significantly and will skyrocket after the war begins, i.e. Cheney bank account, and NOW, is too willing to testify. Much more cash than his damn book will ever produce. So a little "quid pro quo" as is tRump's deal go to, gonna need a favor there Bolton, and we are to believe Bolten will say anything that harms his sugar daddy. Lying is nothing more than breathing for any of these GOP assholes. Hand on a bible, oh please, may as well be an Enquirer paper, Jesus is just a front for them. And obey an oath of office.......they only obey the sloath in office. Twitler.
Watch how fast McTurtle will approve of this testimony.
Response to original post by MartyTheGreek:

Registering for the draft

It is my understanding that young people still have to sign up for selective service. Maybe on the form you have to tell who you voted for or if you did not vote. You vote for pro war assholes, you go first. You are too busy to vote, don't want to get involved in politics, you go next.
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