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Member since: Tue Nov 13, 2018, 11:15 AM
Number of posts: 130

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So I guess the US attorney for DC will be charging trump for sedition.

According to his own legal team, Thatís what should happen.

Let's not forget that trumpie was impeached while in office.

This line of defense is a non-starter.

From the White House to the Congress, grown-ups are back in charge!

Finally after immaturity, temper tantrums, and playground bullying, itís so refreshing to have sensical adults running things.

Amazing how quiet Paul Ryan has been on all this. Even Boehner

Has commented but I havenít seen anything from Paul Ryan who said he was an initial enabler of trump

I just have a really hard time understanding this whole Qanon phonomenon.

I know people who desperately want to believe something will believe almost anything but it boggles my mind how do many subscribe to these wackadoodle conspiracies.

What is the attraction? I just donít get it. It all seems so ridiculous and over the top. I mean coded messsges and trump sending code through hand gestures? Címon people.
Good grief.

I thought there was 20 minutes of debate.

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