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Member since: Tue Nov 13, 2018, 11:15 AM
Number of posts: 130

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Biden's first move

He should fire anyone in the executive branch who was hired in the past four years. Gotta clean them all out.

Here's the thing.

While rank and file republicans will not buck trump, they, too, have trump fatigue. Theyíre ready for him to go although they wonít say it. Theyíre just as tired of his shenanigans as everyone else. The only ones in love with him are his cronies and the deplorables. Everyone else wants a return to normalcy. Regular R vs D stuff.

I believe NC will be a Biden state once all the mail-in ballots are viuntef

NC required ballots to be postmarked by Election Day. Huge number havenít yet been counted and added to totals. I think NC may swing toward Biden.

IMHO, it's time for DU to end the primaries forum snd

Simply have a Biden General Election forum.

Any news about last night's GOP turnout?

Given that Dem turnout was larger than in previous cycles, it is important to measure against GOP turnout.

Ok let's get real people

Yang is dropping out soon. No traction
Klobuchar same. Gonna run out of money

So the race is between Mayor Pete, Bernie, Warren, and Biden.

And Bloombergógot money and we donít know what will happen with Super Tuesday

If Democrats refuse to vote for any one of these folks in the general then weíve already lost. But letís say all the drms vote for the nominee and donít pout because their favorite didnít win

Repubs are gonna vote for trump 40%.

Who can get the middle 20% in the battleground states cause thatís the game people?

Red states are red and blue states are blue.

So I'm still a bit undecided which is fine. How will each candidate beat Trump?

I donít mean the baseó I mean how are they going to wrestle the Obama Democratís who voted for Trump?
To win republican moderates who donít like Trump?

Who can beat Trump in Michigan? Pennsylvania? North Carolina? Arizona? Colorado? Florida?

Getting more votes doesnít matter. Getting the right votes is required.

This isnít rhetorical.

Iíll support the nominee. Period. But I have real doubts about each of our candidates when faced with the questions above.

Trump- The OJ Simpson of the White House

Everyone knows heís guilty.

The day the republicans killed the United States!
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