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Member since: Tue Nov 13, 2018, 11:15 AM
Number of posts: 180

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How To Draw Ted Cruz

1. Draw a tall rocket with a rounded top.

2. Draw a line separating the capsule from the rest of the rocket.

3. Draw a large boulder on each side bottom side of the rocket.

Thatís it. Youíre all finished.

This won't happen but I wish the pentagon would close all the military installations in Texas

And move their operations to other bases and installations around the country.

Texas has passed Mississippi to become the shittiest state in the union.

Go Texas! Go Texas! Go Texas!!

Texas tip line will not let me send a tip. It may be down.

Insurance companies should jack up premiums on those unvaccinated.

The unvaccinated cause health care costs to rise for the rest of us. They could prevent this outcome but they choose not to. Hit them in the wallet.

Just for the record, American Airlines sucks!!

Thatís all.

So I guess the US attorney for DC will be charging trump for sedition.

According to his own legal team, Thatís what should happen.

Let's not forget that trumpie was impeached while in office.

This line of defense is a non-starter.

From the White House to the Congress, grown-ups are back in charge!

Finally after immaturity, temper tantrums, and playground bullying, itís so refreshing to have sensical adults running things.

Amazing how quiet Paul Ryan has been on all this. Even Boehner

Has commented but I havenít seen anything from Paul Ryan who said he was an initial enabler of trump
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