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Gender: Male
Hometown: MA
Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 242

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Is anybody wondering how many people who have testified in front of special council have had to

re testify to correct the record in order to not be charged with perjury?

Democrats are just way to much fun but whose says Republicans can't dance?

We have Devin Nunes doing the sneaky shuffle to the back door of the White House late at night
We have Steve Pearse doing the racist rumba throughout his whole career
We have dishonest Jim Jordan doing the lying limbo (how can assistant coach who had his locker aside of his players for years and not know the team doctor was fondling his players) He was either incompetent or lying.
We have the whole Republican Congress doing the blind chicken by not doing their jobs of oversight and checks and balances of Shitler. They have been dancing up a storm.
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