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Gender: Male
Hometown: MA
Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 242

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The next ploy by Barr and the Republican Party will be to slow walk the Mueller Report and release

by piece meal to stall and deprive the American people from seeing the criminal behavior of all the people who lied and obstructed the investigation. Trump will then refuse to work with the House to get any of the issues the American people want Congress to address. Barr's report is so incomplete he didn't even give us any idea about the length the report was.

I ask this one question. How many Americans today are saying to themselves?

It's been proven that there was no collusion today between the Trump and the Russians since I was on the fence I am now going to vote for Trump. Just what I thought, not many. We have so much more evident that this president is unfit and not worthy of the office, it would take me hours to write them all. The corruption and the statement alone that he was going to hire the very best people is just a small example of his incompetence. But whoever the Democratic nominee ends up being I would hope that they would stick to the issues that most Americas care about and keep it positive. Let Trump go down in the dirt and continue to divide this country. Americans are smart enough in the end to make the right choice.

After watching the interviews with Senator Warren the past few weeks, there is nobody in the race

who explains their policies better in a easy to understandable way for plain folks like me.( she is very smart) Must be the teacher in her. This is why I am predicting her poll numbers will rise once the debates start. Will they move high enough to get her in the top tier of candidates to continue on in the race? I just don't know. My bigger question is, can she beat Trump? I trust her more than any other candidate to stick to her promises and her beliefs.

As my fellow Americans head to the polls in 2020 we just need to ask ourselves a few questions

Who are we and what do we stand for in this country?
Are we a country who cages children?
Are we a country who believes in the rule of law?
Do we want a president who debases our institutions?
Do we want a president who doesn't believe in climate change?
Do we want a president who embraces dictators around the world and treats our allies like foes?
Do we want a power hungry president who wants his people to be loyal to him and not the constitution?
Do we want a president who calls the free press the " enemy of the people?
I can on and on etc....
100 million voters did not vote in our last election so it's up to them to stand up and be heard
I believe a high voter turnout will result in a decisive victory for Democracy in this country and I will do my utmost to make that happen. So people it's time to get off the sidelines and get in the game. Donate and Volunteer when you can. I want my country back. It has been hijacked by a lying demagogue

If the Special Council does not charge the Trump Campaign with Conspiracy, then they will lose

all credibility. Let's remember that Don Jr. held that Trump tower meeting with the intention of receiving dirt on Hillary Clinton from a foreign country ( Russia) in order to influence the election with help from Russia. Russia, wanted sanction relief in return. Even if nothing of importance was obtained from the meeting, it is still conspiracy ( collusion). For example, 3 friends plot a robbery and one of them steals a car and picks up the other 2 friends each having a mask and a gun. If they get stopped by police before they are able to commit the robbery, they are still charged with the crime.

Isn't it Ironic? Trump Supporters crossing the border into Mexico being asked my MSNBC

reporter through the slatted fence if they support the wall and they all say yes, as they go for cheap medical, dental and prescription drugs in one of the towns just over the border of Mexico.

Secretary of State calls Wikileaks " A Hostile Intelligence Service aided by Russia"

How much more evident to the American people need to know. Republicans, stop acting like a substance abuser in denial. Show a little bit of courage and stand up for the rule of law and American values.

After reading Proof of Collusion by Mr Abramson last week

1.Michael Flynn must of handed over Trump to the Special Council because all the betrayal and crimes he committed warranted substantial time in prison. ( he was even ending phones calls with Russians as General Misha which is Michael in Russian)
2. I don't think Eric Prince made one statement to Congress that was true. He continued to lie throughout his appearances on TV. He has to be looking at an indictment
3. There were so many people lying that the Special Council could never indict them all.
4. Kushner initial SF-86 did not mention any foreign contacts. He then updated to over 100 foreign contacts but still did not mention the Trump tower meeting. He also had a secret private email server he didn't disclose to the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence. The Committee and investigators found out after Abby Lowell ( Kushner's Lawyer)accidentally sent an email to a prankster who he thought was pretending to be Kushner but it was really him.
5. Why all the lying by numerous people in the Trump Campaign and Administration about contacts with Russians and why the numerous attempts to create a back channel to Russia? There is only one conclusion people.

6. Roger Stone will get indicted too. I could go on and on about numerous people and suspicious activities

Let's just face it folks

We have a faction of people in this country consisting of Americans, Russian Nationalist, members of Congress, law enforcement and elite millionaires who will do anything to hold on to their antiquated ideas and laws in this ever changing diversified great country. They will use every tactic legal or illegal including colluding with foreign powers to keep them in power. We must strengthen our voter rights, fight against gerrymandering and insist on all states having backup paper ballots. As a citizen we must do everything we can to fight this faction.

If the New York Times article is true of a counter intelligence investigation of Trump then

everyone in Trump's inner circle who has lied or conspired with Russia must be shitting their pants. You can pretty much be assured that their phones were wire tapped and the Special Council knows everything. Including his conversations with billionaire friends and autocrat buddies. If I'm Roger Stone my underwear has just got a lot heavier.
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