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Gender: Male
Hometown: MA
Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 06:49 PM
Number of posts: 242

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Ok Warren supporters, we need to donate a total of $253 in the next 2 days to reach

$1900 and I will pledge to donate the last $100 to reach our goal of $2000 for the month of April. Any amount will help. ($5 or $10) Thanks, Liz is such an incredible candidate with endless drive and determination to even the playing field for all Americans.

Low Barr Bill said in congressional hearings that he is "just trying to land the plane"

Well, he landed the plane, refueled it and took off and now is using the plane as a missile to do more damage and discredit the Justice Department with his partisanship to Trump and actually talked about Trump's feelings. Are you kidding me. What a effing hack.

Senator Burr was a back channel to the White House feeding Trump information from the Senates'

investigation. Wow how low can the Republicans go. They are all corrupt. American People WAKE UP. North Carolinians your own Senator. A man who everyone thought was on the up and up. Senator Wagner must be flabbergassed

Warren is exactly where a candidate would want to be right now in the polls although it's very early

The candidates spoke yesterday at a union gathering and they all got polite applause but when Elizabeth got done speaking about her 10-point plan she got a rousing standing ovation according to media reports. Like I said in a earlier post last month, the more she speaks to the American people the higher her poll numbers will rise.

After watching Barr today evade, elude and not promise the full release of the Mueller report,

it's time for a copy of the report to fall off a truck in front of the Washington Post and New York Times office. We will never get the truth from this guy. Trump has finally got his Roy Cohn.

Well, I finally made my first preference this week and as you know I have chosen

Elizabeth Warren. There is no one who has laid out a broader policy and plan for the American people that could actually get passed in Congress. I could go on and on about the reasons I have chosen her but I will let you people read and listen to what she's saying. Mark my words, if she starting climbing up the poles after a few of the early debates, watch the full court press of negative ads from Republicans, Wall Street and the Elites of this country. They hate and fear her because they believe if she wins she has a good chance with her policies to level the playing field for the middle-class and poor which would piss off the ultra-rich (top 1%). Republicans went crazy when she was recruited by Obama to establish the Consumer Protection Agency and she did such a great job that Republicans blocked her from running it. ps. made my first donation($50) to her campaign last week.

Trey Gowdy really wants that judge appointment bad.

He willing to say anything now to suck up to Trump. I'm glad he left Congress, he contributed ZERO to this country. Thanks Trey for nothing.

I do not know why the White House reporters are complacent when Trump makes a statement that is

hypercritical or false during question and answers. For an example, today Trump talking about immigration an chain migration why didn't anyone say, Mr. President you are against chain migration but that's exactly the way your in-laws are able to reside in this country. Are you saying that they should leave? And also before you married you wife she entered the country illegally twice. When Trump said he is under audit why don't they follow up on the question by saying Mr. President, every Presidential candidate has release his or her tax returns since 1968 and you have been saying since 2016 that you are under audit, when your former personal lawyer asked you for a letter to prove that to the public before the election you could not produce one. Can you clear up this issue today by just releasing the letter from the IRS to show the American people that you are truly under audit?

The cruelty of the Trump Administration toward this 18 year government employee (Whistle-blower)

whose job it is to recommend or not recommend security clearances has no bottom. She has Dwarfism and its been reported that when she objected to certain clearances they purposely put documents and materials out of her reach. How effing sick is that? Former Obama officials said that she was so anonymous that they didn't even know her or even had contact with her, which is the way it should be when you are in a position that is so important and non political. Man the bottom is bottomless at this White House. The 2020 election can't come fast enough for the sake of national security.

The Democrats in Congress should not screw around with Barr on the release of the Mueller Report

They should go to court right now and demand the full report. We don't want any watered down Barr Report. We want total transparency and we have a mandate from the American people( 84%) approval. We will be disappointed with the report we get if Barr starts removing damaging evidence on Trump and the White House gets claim to executive privileges.
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