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Gender: Male
Hometown: MA
Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 06:49 PM
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If the Special Council does not charge the Trump Campaign with Conspiracy, then they will lose

all credibility. Let's remember that Don Jr. held that Trump tower meeting with the intention of receiving dirt on Hillary Clinton from a foreign country ( Russia) in order to influence the election with help from Russia. Russia, wanted sanction relief in return. Even if nothing of importance was obtained from the meeting, it is still conspiracy ( collusion). For example, 3 friends plot a robbery and one of them steals a car and picks up the other 2 friends each having a mask and a gun. If they get stopped by police before they are able to commit the robbery, they are still charged with the crime.

Isn't it Ironic? Trump Supporters crossing the border into Mexico being asked my MSNBC

reporter through the slatted fence if they support the wall and they all say yes, as they go for cheap medical, dental and prescription drugs in one of the towns just over the border of Mexico.
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