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Member since: Thu Nov 8, 2018, 12:32 AM
Number of posts: 648

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No, McConnell didn't "split up" with Trump on the shutdown

The claim is in the title of a news article now locked in LBN.

As a reaction to the Democrats' bill to reopen business, McConnell said,

"A spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) said Monday the Senate would only bring up legislation that has Trump’s blessing".

Please stop posting any article claiming that any right wing nut is opposing Trump on anything. McConnell has a negative number of testicles.
So does Lindsay Graham.

Mother says migrant boy was not sick on trek to US

She said her son reported he was doing well every time that he and his father called home during their trek. She said the last time she spoke with Felipe he was in Mexico at the U.S. border and said he was eating chicken.

This is consistent with the view that the kid got the flu in one of the overcrowded and cold government facilities.

Almost as many Republicans as Democrats work in federal government

Trump bragged about the shutdown being awesome because federal workers are Democrats, but...

44% are Democrats/Leaners
40% are Republicans/Leaners

Source: 2015 survey

US Senator to Homeland Security chief: You need to resign

Nielsen must go because of the recent unjustified deaths of migrant children, Senator Durbin of Illinois says today:
I agree.

The stock market is a poor predictor of Presidential election winners

The Dow ranks 32 out of 43 leading economic indicators in election outcome influence.
Manufacturing, Change in the jobless rate and the GDP are far more important, and GDP is expected to sink in 2019 and 2020.


Viral photo shows US Soldier holding "Trump flag" (violating DOD rule)

Bloomberg reporter Jennifer Epstein caught the soldier red handed
engaging in political activity, which is prohibited by the Pentagon.
MAGA hats depicted in a separate photo are also campaign material and therefore prohibited.


Migrant boy died of flu, not cold, experts say

The boy who died on Christmas appears to have died of the flu.
US doctors sent him home with cold medicine instead. They don't seem to have tested for flu.
That's negligence.

The flu appears to have been contracted in unsanitary US facility because he died 7 days after arrival at US.

Have other children died of flu?

How many other children have died? Was flu tested? What did the autopsy say?
Was there an autopsy at all?

Did Jakelin Caal died of the flu? (It can kill you in hours).

US said it was not known whether she ate or drank enough during the trip. Is that true? The father denies it. Did she contract the flu in unsanitary US facilities?

Congress has a lot of questions to ask and subpoenas to issue.

Nate Silver's bizarre Twitter behavior continues

According to Nate silver, voters will re-elect Donald Trump because a group not officially affiliated with the Democratic Party wants Mueller to arrest Trump:

I think silver should stick to adding and multiplying.

Russia condemns 'Israeli' air strikes on Syria

Source: BBC

The foreign ministry of Russia, a key Syrian ally, said it was "very concerned" by the alleged Israeli air strikes.

"The provocative actions of the Israeli air force... directly threatened two airliners," it said.

The statement said the unidentified airliners "not from Russia, were preparing to land at the airports of Beirut and Damascus".

The Syrian military said the attacks were carried out from within Lebanese air space. Syrian state news agency, Sana, said most of the missiles were intercepted.

Read more: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-46682666

24% of Dems/Independents say Biden shouldn't run . 41% say Sanders shouldn't run

The media will have to adjust their “should Biden run or not” narrative after seeing this poll?

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