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Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2018, 11:32 PM
Number of posts: 648

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NYT editorial: The 17 Saudis sanctioned by Trump include neither the Prince nor anyone close to him

And, oh, Mohammed bin Salman, the 33-year-old de facto ruler, exonerated. "Absolutely, his royal highness the crown prince has nothing to do with this issue," Saudi Foreign Minister Adel al-Jubeir assured reporters in Riyadh on Thursday. The American sanctions do not rise to the prince’s level, nor to those closest to him.


Judge: Florida election workers are "untrained" in signature matching

He gave voters until Saturday to correct discrepancies.

“Here, potentially thousands of voters have been deprived of the right to cast a legal vote — and have that vote counted — by an untrained canvassing board member based on an arbitrary determination that their respective signatures did not match,” wrote the judge, appointed to the federal bench in 2012 by then-President Barack Obama. "Such a violation of the right to vote cannot be undone. "

My concern is that not all of those disenfranchised will have time to correct their votes in two days.


Photo of Trump's face when he saw Putin today


"Not a puppet."

Sinema continues to inch ahead in slow Arizona vote count

Source: AP

Democrat Kyrsten Sinema is continuing to inch ahead in the slow-motion finish to Arizona’s U.S. Senate race.

On Saturday night, she remained a little more than a percentage point ahead of Republican Martha McSally. She gained 4,000 votes from a batch of ballots tallied in Maricopa County as well as a few thousand from elsewhere in the state.

It may take until Thursday to count all the votes. Arizona typically takes more than a week to tally its mail ballots. McSally is hoping for a late shift toward her in the remaining ballots. There are more than 250,000 outstanding. About 2.4 million votes were cast in the election.

Read more: https://www.apnews.com/9d3c6b8a274340829050b56a010e1941

GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz to black protester : "You don't get to monkey with ballots" (video)

Enough is enough.

Florida law enforcement department finds no evidence of voter fraud in Florida

Allegations of fraud by Rick Scott just rejected by the Florida Department of law-enforcement:

Alert: Trump supporters are showing up where the votes are being counted in Florida

keep an eye on them. They may want to disrupt counting.


Judge refuses to limit Arizona vote count, sets hearing

Source: AP

PHOENIX — A judge on Thursday rejected Republican demands to immediately limit vote counts in the razor-close U.S. Senate race in Arizona and has set a hearing on the challenge affecting about 5,600 votes in the state’s most populous county.

Judge Margaret R. Mahoney said it was too soon to require Maricopa and other counties to stop contacting voters to verify signatures on mail ballots. She also declined to order the counties to temporarily separate mail ballots that have been verified by that process after Election Day.

County registrars said that would cause chaos and slow the long vote-counting process even more.

Mahoney scheduled a hearing today and indicated she would rule then.

Read more: http://www.telegraphherald.com/news/national_world/article_9843d2d6-cdaf-5971-9943-d626ba4f4b0c.html

Republican election theft FAIL.

Trump recorded robocall for Love, but her campaign limited its release

Source: KSL

President Donald Trump recorded a last-minute robocall for fellow Republican Rep. Mia Love's re-election campaign in the final days of her still-undecided race against Democratic Salt Lake County Mayor Ben McAdams.

However, the president's recorded message on behalf of the two-term congresswoman was only sent out to a few thousand people identified as Trump supporters on Election Day, Love's campaign manager, Dave Hansen, said Thursday.

A day earlier, Trump criticized Love and other Republican candidates for distancing themselves from him in the midterm election, accusing Love of calling "all the time" to help with the release of Utahn Josh Holt from a Venezuelan prison.

"But Mia Love gave me no love," the president said during a White House news conference. "She lost. Too bad. Sorry about that, Mia."

Read more: https://www.ksl.com/article/46423463/trump-recorded-robocall-for-love-but-her-campaign-limited-its-release

The worsr thing for a narcissist is being rejected.
Trump will continue to trash Love.
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