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Member since: Wed Nov 7, 2018, 11:32 PM
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Javanka trying to get Kelly fired, WSJ reports

The Wall Street Journal is confirming an earlier report today by CNN stating that John Kelly will be gone soon. The article says that Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump want someone else to take over

US factory orders post largest drop in more than a year

Source: CNBC

New orders for U.S.-made goods recorded their biggest drop in more than a year in October and business spending on equipment appeared to be softening, suggesting a slowdown in activity in the manufacturing sector.

Factory goods orders fell 2.1 percent amid a decline in demand for a range of goods, the Commerce Department said on Thursday. That was the largest decrease in orders since July 2017. Data for September was revised lower to show factory orders rising only 0.2 percent instead of the previously reported 0.7 percent increase.

Read more: https://www.cnbc.com/2018/12/06/us-factory-orders-post-largest-drop-in-more-than-a-year.html

But her emails!

Top economist: "We have moved our forecast for the next recession up...to the first half of 2020"

Diane Swonk wrote:

The recent G-20 meeting should have allayed some fears but the more we learn, the less we know about the deal to delay additional tariffs on Chinese imports. Chinese news agencies are reporting a different version of the agreement. White House negotiators also contradict the presidentís statement. The dissonance, short time frame (90 days) for negotiations and the appointment of one of the administrationís most ardent protectionists to close the deal are not encouraging. The results will delay the implementation of additional tariffs to the second quarter of 2019 from the first quarter, instead of eliminating them.

Uncertainty surrounding NAFTA is growing. The signing of the new NAFTA, dubbed the USMCA, at the G-20 by leaders from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. was little more than a photo op. The legislatures of all three countries still need to ratify the treaty to make it binding. That was a heavy lift in Congress prior to the midterm elections; it will be even harder now that Congress is split. The problem is so acute that the president threatened to pull out of the existing NAFTA agreement to try to force a quick resolution by Congress. A move like that would face legal challenges, but the risk is that we could end up with no agreement. That would further undermine our competitiveness and delay investment decisions.

This edition of Economic Currents takes a close look at the outlook for 2019. *The economy is poised to slow but not to the point of recession until 2020. We have moved our forecast for the next recession up by six months to the first half of 2020.* Election years donít stop recessions from occurring; that said, recessions are notoriously hard to time. No one knows for sure which straw will break the camelís back, only that they are piling up.


About the author: according to the University of Michigan, Diane Swonk "advises the Federal Reserve Board and its regional banks. She has periodically advised the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) and the Council of Economic Advisers (CEA) for the White House on a nonpartisan basis."



NRCC hired CROWDSTRIKE to investigate hacking against them

Remember when Republicans suggested that the DNC was hiding something because they hired a private company (Crowdstrike) to investigate their servers? And I guaranteed that the NRCC did not hand over the actual physical server to the FBI, because it is just not common practice.

Iím loving this hack because it gives Republicans a lesson in hypocrisy and cyber security

Maddow is beating Hannity in viewers almost every day

What was the turning point?
Strong #Maddow #Inners #Hardball #FBRParty #Hannity ratings are good for the country because it means fewer people are being misinformed.

Sheriff deputy who wore QAnon patch next to Pence gets kicked out of the SWAT team

Broward County Sheriff office removed him from Homeland Security assignments as well, due to bad conduct and violation of the uniform code.

Two largest newspapers in Washington state: Primary should replace caucus and move from May to March

Both the Seattle Times and the News Tribube editorial boards agree. By the way primaries are currently held months after the caucus, and the votes don't count. Yet many more voters show up in the primary anyway.

Seattle Times (Nov 18, 2018):
Now that midterm elections are over, state officials should turn their attention to ensuring Washington votersí voices count as much as possible in 2020.

That means moving the date of Washington stateís presidential primary to earlier in the year, when it has greater potential to influence which top candidates will compete for the nationís highest office.

Once this is done, the state Democratic Party should also agree to use the earlier primary election results in its presidential nominating process, instead of continuing to rely on inconvenient caucus meetings that too few voters attend.


The News Tribune (December 1st, 2018)
Moving the primary to early March might mean Washington could take part in a West Coast Super Tuesday, which could include some combination of Arizona, California, Idaho, Nevada, Oregon and Utah.

California lawmakers set a positive trend last year by moving their presidential primary up three months.


One of the articles say the biggest opponents of the move would be certain Democrats in love with and nostalgic about the caucus tradition.

U.S. construction spending falls for third month in October

Source: Reuters

U.S. construction spending fell for the third straight month in October as outlays on private projects declined, government data showed on Monday.

The Commerce Department said construction spending decreased 0.1 percent to $1.31 trillion.

September's construction outlays were revised to show spending down 0.1 percent rather than being unchanged, as previously reported.

Read more: https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-economy-construction-idUSKBN1O21S2

Bernie: I will vote against NAFTA 2.0

Donald Trumpís recycled NAFTA (AKA USMCA) deal isnít good for America, Bernie Sanders just said.
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